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Tree Musketeers stunning Trees Calendar for 2021 now on sale

A beautiful calendar which makes a lovely gift.  

Available from 

Palm 2 Supermarket 152-156 Lower Clapton Road (by Clapton Pond) E5 0QJ

The Broadway Bookshop 6 Broadway Market, E8 4QJ 

Church Street Post Office 170 Church Street, Stoke Newington, N16 0JL

Abney Park Cemetery Trust - Visitor…


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Consultation on Main Modifications to the Proposed Submission North London Waste Plan

Copied message:…


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Have your say on Hackney's Draft Child-Friendly Places Design Guidance

Hackney residents are encouraged to have their say on plans for a child-friendly borough

Hackney Council say: 'We want to ensure the built environment is designed, planned, and maintained to provide young people with equal opportunities to access and connect with nature, play, and move around independently in safe and healthy neighbourhoods.…


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Nature recovery in Hackney

Hackney has started the process of replacing its Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP).  The BAP was developed by the Hackney Biodiversity Partnership and outlined priorities and set out a programme of action to improve biodiversity across the borough.  Developed and monitored by a group of local people interested in nature conservation the partnership has continued to meet…


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                                HACKNEY'S TWO SUSTAINABLE ECO-SCHOOLS…

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There ARE some good things to have come from Covid 19.



Can we double down and take advantage in our schools?

Throughout the past few months and especially through lockdown, we…


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Hackney Fixers Laptop project update

Today Hackney Fixers handed over 5 laptops to Lauriston School near Victoria Park. 

They will be loaned to kids who have had no access to online learning at home during lockdown so they can access extra resources to help them catch up with their learning.  

From left: James Diamond (Hackney Fixers),…


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Hackney Fixers - a lockdown project

Unfortunately our events in June and September have been cancelled, but we’ve been working on a lockdown project to refurbish 4 laptops for use by students who need them for online studying.

The laptops are between 5 and 13 years old and have been retired from use for 2-7 years. They are classic examples of “stored WEEE” that would probably eventually end up being “recycled”.

We have purchased and fitted several parts including chargers, batteries, memory, hard…


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Where are we with Hackney’s Climate Emergency?

In November last year Sustainable Hackney developed a community response to Hackney Council’s…


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The Time is Now

Next Tuesday, 30 June, The Time is Now mass lobby is asking for a green and fair recovery from the pandemic. It is asking for a recovery that puts people, climate and nature at its heart.

Last year we were all outside Parliament, waiting for our MPs to come down. This year we are asking for video conference meetings, we are writing, we are using social media.

The more voices they hear, the more importance they'll give to it.



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How would you build back better in Hackney?

Globally the United Nations is calling on governments to seize the opportunity to “build back better” by creating more sustainable, resilient and inclusive societies.

Here in Hackney we've been musing on the…


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Sustainable Hackney – some reflections on the pandemic

In this blog, we offer the personal reflections of people closely involved in Sustainable Hackney, on how the pandemic has affected them personally, and the wider Hackney community.

We’ve joined #BuildBackBetter

‘We can emerge from this crisis a stronger, fairer, greener country.’…


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Sustainable Hackney Education for Sustainability (EfS) Network – A Personal Account of Aspirations and Hopes for a Post-Covid Sustainable Education System in Hackney.

Difficulties of home schooling during the Covid 19 lockdown have been well publicised, as has the recognition of the professionalism and hard work effected by teachers. Hopefully too, there will have dawned a realisation among parents and others that our education system has become mechanistic and soul-less.

Over these months when streets and air-lanes have been more tranquil, people of all ages and persuasions have experienced a raised awareness of the natural world. …


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My personal lockdown discoveries and hopes

I learned many things during the lockdown. I was shielding, but fortunate enough to already belong to an organic veg box scheme. Amazingly, they managed to keep up deliveries, although the content became quite random – so I discovered many new recipes, learning to cook things I don’t really like and so don’t usually buy, using spices to adjust the taste so I could use everything I was sent. A survey by WRAP found that, since lockdown, people generally have been valuing food more, making…


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Sustainable Hackney is community partner for Library of Things Dalston

The launch of Library of Things Dalston has been put on hold while the library is closed.

You may have heard that the Library of Things is coming to Dalston.  The LoT will be based at Dalston CLR James Library and is a lending library for tools, DIY, gardening and cleaning equipment, and stuff for…


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Sustainable Hackney's UK premiere screening of Mary Janes:  The Women of Weed on 7th March went very well but then COVID-19 came along, and the rest of our film season is now unfortunately on hold.

We are not yet sure when we'll be able to show the next film but still have the following dates in mind:

  • Friday 1 May - cancelled
  • Friday 10 July - to be…

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Scrubs for health workers

There is a shortage of scrubs and other items in Hackney.

The local group for helping with this is at

For those who can sew, if you join (it's a private group, so you need to apply) there is a team liaising with the various hospitals and GP practices and allocating work to be done plus the fabric with which to do it. Don't worry if you're not…


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Open letter to the Mayor of Hackney

Following our recent meeting on the community response to the climate emergency we have written to the Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville, and invited him to join the panel debate at our next meeting on 25th March.

March 2020

Community response to Hackney’s Climate Emergency…


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