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Education for Sustainability – School Waste Minimisation

Our first networking/support meeting on Education for Sustainability in Millfields Community School at the end of November gave attendees (varied school community members – parents, teachers, governors, admin staff) in depth information on waste minimisation.  As well as covering the 5 or 6 Rs Refusing (as well as Replacing plastic with other materials), Repairing, Reducing, Reusing and finally…


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Refugee Solidarity FIlms For Action Screening

Statement of Support from Diane Abbott

"So sorry that I cannot be with you this evening to watch and discuss this very important film.

Visiting the Calais refugee camp is something that will never leave me. The refugees were desperate and living in absolutely appalling, dehumanising conditions. There were thousands of people, including babies and very young children, living in freezing conditions with no…


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Five lessons from 5 years of Hackney Fixers

When the Restart Project inspired us to hold our first Restart Party five years ago we thought it was a fun way to DO something practical to help the environment. 

5 years, 33 events and 881 devices later it is still that.  Indeed we are still having fun and we’ve prevented 16 tonnes of CO2 emissions according to the Restart Project’s Fixometer.

As I munched…


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Can you help us improve our website?

Have you ever visited the Sustainability Hackney website? Could you spare 15 – 20 minutes for a chat about your experience using the website?


Sustainable Hackney is about to embark on a small project to better understand how people use our website and how we can better deliver information about our…


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Why capitalism loves plastic

Why capitalism loves plastic

The film 'Plastic Ocean' screened by SH showed starkly the madness of using an indestructible material for throw-away…


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Celebrating 5 years of Hackney Fixers!

Today is the day, five long years ago, that we held our first Restart Party at Passing Clouds. We were so nervous when we opened up, we didn’t know if anyone would come!

Just found these old photos …


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Education for Sustainability - Networking and Support Meeting

Following a successful meeting at Hackney’s only Eco-schools’ Green Flag school, Orchard Primary School, several schools signed up to take on the Eco-schools’ programme.  We've been into some of the primary schools to support them on the beginning of their journey. 


An increasing number of schools are now appointing Sustainability Coordinators and pupil/school community Eco-teams to lead the Eco-schools’ programme. We have been to meetings and…


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Ridley Road Market eviction reprieve

There was cause for celebration at the end of October as a coalition of campaigners and protesters successfully beat off eviction notices in Ridley Road Market. This result came after weeks of anxiety for those affected and protests to voice their concerns.  

A delegation of small traders…


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Fracking and climate change. Ramping up the protest

Fracking was headline news this September while at the same time dire warnings were sounded by the IPCC about the risk of runaway climate change. Fracking companies across the country are now poised to step up fracking for shale oil and gas and their flagship Caudrilla is readying itself to drill in earnest at Preston New Road near Blackpool. However, just a few days in and earthquake tremors interrupted their plans bringing them more negative publicity. Our…


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Stoke Newington Gyratory - TfL consultation closes 30 November 2018

Transport for London are consulting on changes to the Stoke Newington Gyratory

It's been many years in the making so the first disappointment is how little time there is to discuss and comment, just six weeks.  

Sustainable Hackney will submit comments and we want to hear from you.  Please let us have your views and suggestions in response to…


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Energy Garden Harvest Party

Thursday 18th October at Shoreditch High Street Station 16.00-20.00.

Launch of Energy Garden Community Bond with nibbles and drinks.

For more information visit:

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We had a fab day co-hosting the zero waste market with Plastic Free Hackney, educational activities such as DIY vertical salad leaf planters and ofcourse the screening of 'A Plastic Ocean' in the evening followed by a lively panel discussion.…


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Hurry up Hackney!

Hackney Energy has struggled to get a new solar power/community energy project up and running this past year. The big issue is government cuts in support for community energy - as frackers, the Tories seem to despise the wishes of local communities.

Meanwhile, Hackney Council decided not to support the Wilton Estate solar scheme while it works out a borough-wide energy plan. It's six months since the local elections and we haven't heard anything further.

If we had received…


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Anti-fracking activists lose their freedom while the government rewards the fossil fuel corporations with more.

At the April screening of the film ‘Powertrip’ on fracking we were pleased to welcome Richard Roberts aka Richard ‘the piano tuner’ as a panellist. Sadly Richard along with two other anti-fracking activists received a much rougher welcome by the HM Prisons Service this month. His crime, for which he received a sixteen month custodial sentence, was attempting to stop a greater environmental one.

The judge handed down the three…


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The Big Fix

After a day helping at the Big Fix, some strong images remain.


There were the two young women modelling second-hand garments they had bought while Traid volunteers nipped and tucked until they fitted perfectly – a veritable fashion show.

Traid clothing repair


And the man who had brought his much-loved…


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Every day, a dangerous and even deadly threat faces millions of children across the UK: toxic air.

That's one in three children living, learning and playing amidst toxic air; 4.5 million children at risk of stunted lung growth, reduced brain development and lifelong conditions like asthma; £40 million a year spent by the NHS and social services on related illnesses.

The devastating impact on children's health must not be ignored.…


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Anti-fracking: Let Communities decide

Anti-fracking: Let Communities decide

Right now, our government is consulting on outrageous proposals that could allow fracking to go ahead across England without local planning applications. These plans fly in the face of local democracy and threatens to slash community involvement in decision-making.

The consultation ends this October, so it’s…


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UN Scientific Paper Suggests Capitalism Has to Die in Order for the Planet to Be Saved

Governance of Economic Transition is an invited background document for the Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 drafted by the Group of independent scientists. 

They point out straight away the difference  between typical economists who emphasize carbon pricing as a policy tool for tackling climate change and natural scientists and multidisciplinary environmental research groups who are arguing for more profound political engagement and…


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Pick litter while you dog walk! Steve and Riley show us how it's done.

Alongside watching whales and dolphins, one of Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s wonderful Scottish Shorewatch volunteers Steve Truluck and his dog Riley have been collecting garbage from their local beaches for a while now, to stop plastic pollution from making its way into the ocean.…


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Let 15 parklets bloom!

Last year residents were delighted by the "People Parking Bay" near London Fields. 

Now, in a pilot scheme promoted by Hackney Council, residents can apply to create a parklet in their own street. The pilot…


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