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Greenprint for Hackney - food and food growing

Our vision is that food eaten in Hackney is healthy and has a positive impact on our environment, locally and globally. 

This vision is supported by a wonderful food culture, with the best of cuisines from around the world, by fantastic community growing and by a buzzing café and street food sector.

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Our work

  • The Hackney Food Partnership (HFP), set up through Sustainable Hackney, brings together groups and individuals to help create a more healthy and sustainable food system, and to encourage and support action on food issues throughout the borough.
  • The partnership has developed the Hackney Food Charter a summary of the Partnership's aims. 
  • Sign up to receive news and updates from HFP or email Hackney Food Partnership to add your support for the charter and tell us about your initiative and how you'd like to get involved.
  • See the events page for the time and location of HFP working group meetings. These are open to all and focus on developing the Partnership's strategy and implementing its action plan.
  • HFP also organises public meetings on specific issues, and to explore new projects or areas of work. Your ideas for public meetings are welcome and HFP are interested in working with others to hold events.
  • HFP has joined forces with Hackney Council to deliver a Sugar Smart campaign that aims to reduce the risk of ill health (obesity, Type II diabetes and dental caries), by reducing excessive sugar consumption in the borough. This will involve working with schools, early years, workplaces, community groups, leisure centres, dentists and independent cafes and restaurants. Complete the 

    Sugar Smart survey to have your say and hopefully win great prizes!

Greenprint for Hackney / The Hackney Food Charter’s aims

A thriving local economy
  • A network of diverse local, independent food shops and enterprises in all the stages of food production provide jobs and livelihoods and make the most of Hackney’s variety of culinary traditions and strengths.
  • Healthy, ethical and sustainable food is sourced from local producers and suppliers wherever possible, keeping value within the local economy.

Health and wellbeing for all
  • Everyone is aware of the importance of a nutritious, balanced diet for physical and mental health and has access to healthy, sustainable, affordable food.
  • All food workers receive a fair wage, and work under fair, safe conditions

Resilient, close-knit communities
  • Culinary traditions of all cultures are promoted and celebrated through a variety of projects and public events.
  • Local and London wide initiatives help reconnect people with food, to bring communities together and to encourage people to improve their neighbourhoods.

Lifelong learning and skills
  • People of all ages have the opportunity to learn about good food - how to grow, buy, prepare, cook, preserve, eat and enjoy it.
  • Organisations such as schools, hospitals, caterers and other businesses are inspired and enabled to create a positive, sustainable food culture.

A reduced eco-foot print
  • Our food system minimises resource use and waste, protects the environment through environmentally sustainable farming practices, organic principles, supporting biodiversity and farm animal welfare - and diets are low impact, with meat consumption reduced.
  • Ample access to growing space, knowledge and skills for local people of all ages to produce local food.

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