Built Environment and Housing

Support the campaign for London to become a national park city

Greenprint for Hackney

Our vision is that Hackney becomes a place where people can afford to live, work and enjoy their lives locally, and where a richer natural environment is valued as highly as buildings by people, politicians, business and developers.

Our work

  • Steering group members have been involved in opposing the Housing Bill
  • We supported proposals for "Liveable Streets" in the council's transport consultation.
  • We have links with local organisations such as DIGS campaigning for a fair rental sector.
  • We link up with local organisation such as Open Dalston and Stokey Local to oppose inappropriate development.
  • We developed a vision for the built environment and housing - the Greenprint for Hackney 

Greenprint for Hackney

  • Planning which serves our needs – our council’s Planning Committee should serve the needs and preferences of local people rather than developers and investors.
  • A built environment action plan - our infrastructure and built environment should be audited and an action plan developed to address all key environmental challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and freshwater and other resource usage.
  • Greener and more liveable homes – adopt core principles of neighbourhood design and build that minimise use of materials, energy and water, reduce pollution and make it easy to exercise, grow food and reuse and recycle resources.
  • No further loss of employment space to housing and the protection and creation of workspace fit for small business’ budgets.
  • Develop a neighbourhood-based public register of green and built community, cultural and heritage assets, including land and buildings owned by public organisations.
  • Housing which meets our needs - there should be no demolition of social housing without replacement at local wage level rents. In each area, types and sizes of homes must be fit for whole lifetimes.
  • Appreciation of our natural environment - Foster appreciation of the natural environment’s critical value to urban lives through clean air and water, a stable climate, flood defence and better health.

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