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At present, world leaders have returned from Glasgow (many in their private jets), having made little meaningful progress toward 'keeping 1.5 alive'  i.e to undertake real and immediate action to reduce the lethal carbon emissions which are causing climate change. 

Climate Change, as we know, has already caused, and continues to cause, famine, drought, floods, cyclones, melting ice caps, unprecedented heat and other extreme weather events which are taking peoples' homes, food, livelihoods and even lives.  

These unfairly affect countries in the Global South, who have done the least to cause climate change and some of the worst effects have already reached the industrialised North.  Despite repeated heartfelt, even desperate, calls from young people in this and every other country in the world to secure them a safer and sustainable future, their leaders do not appear to be taking their concerns seriously enough. Great pronouncements and promises have been made but we need to see real significant action to reduce emissions without delay.


Yet not only do numerous local and national governments not effect many (or any) significant, sustainable changes, but most schools globally are not taking the situation seriously enough either. For various reasons they are delaying or ignoring the need to make sustainability/climate change mitigation the most important and visible aspect of the school curriculum and everyday life.  Even some Conservative politicians are now calling for pupils to learn about climate change and its mitigation in schools. In the absence of leadership and commitment from our national and some local politicians and officials, we must take matters into our own hands and work for action 'from the bottom up' rather than from the top down'

If we do not provide Education for Sustainability (EfS)/Climate Change (CC) Education for our children, then we are failing them by not fitting them for a future which will be very different from that for which we are educating today.  
EfS/Climate Change Education must permeate every area of the curriculum and every aspect of the everyday life and maintenance of the school in order to affect young minds as well as school greenhouse gas emissions. 


That's why we, at Sustainable Hackney (Education for Sustainability Network), have a prestigious, exciting Hackney Project (details below) in mind to help cut carbon in schools and support the stated aims of COP 26 as well as Hackney Council's Climate Emergency plans to reduce emissions throughout the borough. 


 Sustainable Hackney (Education for Sustainability's)

  COP 26 Climate Change Project for Hackney Schools



  • Raising awareness among pupils and whole school communities of COP 26 and the Global Climate Emergency.
  •  Reducing Carbon Emissions in schools/their communities and therefore in LB of Hackney,  (the UK and the World). 
  • Giving pupils a positive focus for their future, thus allaying fears and mental stress around climate change. 
  • Recognising the great sustainability work going on in Hackney Schools and giving them a plan and a template for future sustainability and a step on the Eco Schools Award.
  • Making Hackney a Beacon for Education for Sustainability and a leader in the reduction of school Greenhouses Gases.

 The Plan

  • Elect an Eco-Committee
  • Decide to reduce carbon emissions in a democratically chosen area of school life e.g. energy, transport, waste, biodiversity, etc.
  • Submit and then carry through your plan. This can be simple but effective - something the school can easily incorporate into everyday school life.
  • ·Present your finished project, as a template for other schools, to Hackney Councillors/dignitaries and receive an award.  

  • We can come into your school and support with Workshops, Assemblies, INSET etc:  
  • For more details or to take part in the COP 26 Climate Change/Carbon Emissions Project -
  • Pease email sandramcleod90@hotmail.com or sustainablehackneyefsnetwork@gmail.com

                             SOME EfS/CLIMATE CHANGE RESOURCES
Free trees - https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/plant-trees/schools-and-communities/


Dates for Your Diary:-


November 5th -  it is hoped that there will be School Strikes for Future globally on this day - see https://ukscn.org/schools climate-network/ for more news on this.

If you are unable to take pupils to Westminster perhaps bring them to a lunch time rally at the Town Hall  from 12.30 - 1.30pm.  

It would be good to organise some sustainable activities in school on that day to draw attention to COP 26 and sustainability in school.  Even to introduce your plan for our Climate Change project.

November 6th - there will be a global day of action for the environment around COP 26. A march to join a rally in the city and central London will leave from Hackney. Join Sustainable Hackney to march from Shoreditch Park 10.30 a.m. for 11.15 -11.30 a.m start to march to Bank of England and on with the Climate Coalition to Trafalgar Square.


Saturday 27 November – Sunday 5 December National Tree Week
Free trees - https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/plant-trees/schools-and-communities/





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