Greenprint for Hackney

Sustainable Hackney has developed a set of Greenprints for Hackney which set out our vision of a sustainable future for our borough.  The Greenprint was launched in 2014, expanded  in 2016 and revised in 2023. 

The issues in the Greenprints are the way we structure our work and our working groups report on progress to our steering group at our regular meetings.  Come along to find our more and get involved.





Our vision is that Hackney is a place where parks and green and blue spaces are sustainably managed and enhanced to achieve their optimum potential for harbouring wildlife and supporting human health and wellbeing.

Greenprint for Biodiversity


Our vision is that Hackney becomes a place where people can afford to live, work, and enjoy their lives in a healthy and inspiring natural environment that is not obstructed by housing and infrastructure development and is highly valued by Hackney’s residents, businesses,
and decision makers.

Greenprint for Built Environment

Education for Sustainability

Our vision is for the London Borough of Hackney to become a beacon of excellence for Climate Change awareness, its causes and mitigation through Education for Sustainability and Climate Education in many forms and in all possible settings.

Greenprint for Education for Sustainability


Our vision is that Hackney becomes a healthy place to live, with clean air to breathe and clean rivers for all to enjoy.

Greenprint for Pollution

Social Justice 

Our vision is an inclusive environmental
approach, which resists poverty and social exclusion. 

Greenprint for Social Justice


Our vision is that food eaten in Hackney is healthy and has a positive impact on our environment, locally and globally.

This vision is supported by a wonderful food culture, with the best of cuisines from around the world, by fantastic community growing and by a buzzing café and street food sector. 

Greenprint for Food and Food Growing 2016


Our vision is a borough that empowers and supports anyone who wants to be energy efficient, get a green job or simply lead a more sustainable life.

Greenprint for Energy and Climate Change 2016


Our vision is that Hackney becomes a borough which is well connected by public transport, where cycling and walking are used for an increasing number of journeys and become part of people’s lifestyle. 

Hackney continues to be at the forefront of the cycling revolution

Greenprint for Transport 2016


Our vision is a circular economy designed to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials and regenerate nature. Our economy is redesigned to meet the needs of people in Hackney sustainably.

Greenprint for Circular Economy

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