Library of Things is coming to Hackney Wick

I'm Lucy and I'm working as a Community Activator at the Library of Things, which is opening in the Old Baths on Eastway in Hackney Wick this spring. This will provide an affordable way of borrowing useful things for household, DIY, gardening and more, including steam cleaners, drills, projectors and ice cream makers from as little as £1 a day. The Library of Things already have successful branches in Crystal Palace and Morden. The Hackney Wick Library of Things is supported by partners LLDC, Sustainable Hackney and Stour Studios.

I'm a local artist and have had a studio in Hackney Wick for around 10 years, and have worked in the local community on several projects, so I'm looking forward to engaging with local groups and projects when the Library opens its doors. Hopefully this will save people money and space, introduce them to new skills and reduce waste and landfill in the area.

For more info visit the website and follow us on Instagram

 @hackneywicklibraryofthings and Facebook: @hackneywicklibraryofthings.

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