We had a packed house for our showing on 26 April and an amazing panel.

The film explores the stories of three young farmers in their first year of their journeys to heal the soil on their land by using regenerative farming practices. We see the differences they make to soil and its life, both worms and microscopic life forms, learn how that changes how water can soak through when it rains and how it affects crop yields. We see different styles of livestock grazing, use of coppiced areas to shelter cattle from rain and sun, and meet experts along the way. For those who missed the film, there are still showings and you can find them on Six Inches of Soil

This was followed by a lively question and answer session from our panel, who have kindly offered to have us post their contact details for any further questions together with some book and website recommendations to find out more. For those who don't know, Fellows Farm is part of the E5 Bakehouse journey towards greater sustainability in their food supply chain; the other organisations' names are more self-explanatory.

Rachel Dring, Capital Growth Coordinator, Sustain rachel.dring@sustainweb.org

www.sustainweb.org  | https://www.capitalgrowth.org/

Mitchell Pearce, E5 Bakehouse/Fellows Farm mitch@e5bakehouse.com

Deirdre (Dee) Woods, Food Justice Policy Coordinator at the Landworkers’ Alliance


The Capital Growth website has a map where you can find local community gardens.

The LWA petition 
The LWA Agrobiodiversity Campaign
LWA Resilient Local Food Systems
Food Ethics Council Dairy Project 
FEC Food Citizenship

Growing Communities Food Zones describes GC’s vision for a localised, more fair and sustainable food system

Some books for further reading:

Sitopia by Carolyn Steele

English Pastoral by James Rebanks

Meat: a benign extravagance by Simon Fairlie (and an interesting interview with him here)

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