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Stop big fashion hijacking the grassroots repair movement

We've added Sustainable Hackney and Hackney Fixers as signatories of this petition protesting the hijacking of Repair Week by Primark, which, as a fast fashion retailer, is a totally inappropriate sponsor.  …


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Let's talk rubbish- You can make a difference today. We want to hear your opinion on your council services for recycling and rubbish.

Did you know that right now in north London, we are spending £40 million each year to burn the rubbish that is collected in an incinerator in Edmonton, north of Tottenham.

That means a lot of plastics, food waste, clothing and much more is incinerated  and not recycled ♻️, composted, or reused as…


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Sign the petition - Stop the government attempt to stifle students from discussing the politics of climate change

From parents concerned about the Tories' Climate Education Strategy - Please sign and share

We have started a petition asking for the clause around protest and campaigning to be removed from the Climate Education Strategy as we feel it is a violation of democracy and puts schools in a position where they will be failing students by not giving them the tools they need to understand…


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About five hundred people took to the streets in Edmonton on Saturday to protest against the intransigence of north London local authorities and their North London Waste Authority reps who remain dea…

About five hundred people took to the streets in Edmonton on Saturday to protest against the intransigence of north London local authorities and their North London Waste Authority reps who remain deaf to the concerns of anti-incinerator campaigners. Repeated lobbying and the production of evidence that enlargement of the incinerator will unnecessarily add to deteriorating air quality and rising carbon emissions has not been heeded.

Speaker after speaker referred to the refusal…


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An observation on the significance of the Library of things

It is commendable that Hackney Council is lending its support to the new Library of Things in Dalston. The scheme enables all sorts of popular tools, implements and appliances to be borrowed and re-used by the public at…


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Thanks to Sustainable Hackney member, Rembrandt Koppelaar, for his address to Hackney council's cabinet (13-12-2021)

Deputation – 13th of December 2021

Deputation by Dr. Rembrandt Koppelaar on behalf of Sustainable Hackney


Dear Mayor Glanville, Dear Hackney cabinet,

It is a privilege to address you today. I am a resident of Clissold Ward, and here as a representative of Sustainable Hackney. I am also active in Extinction Rebellion Zero Waste. In my paid daywork I develop digital innovations with…


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Stop the Edmonton incinerator plan- Petition to Hackney's NLWA reps to pause and review

Stop the Edmonton incinerator plan

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is poised to build a new bigger incinerator in Edmonton. Hackney is one of seven north London boroughs behind the scheme. Due to its size, cost and the environmental damage it will cause; we demand that the NLWA stop and…


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Climate Jobs - Building a workforce for the climate emergency

(edited by, among others, Fliss Premru, Sustainable Hackney member, who's the lead author of Chapter 7: Towards Zero Waste: climate jobs in the circular economy). Other contributors/editors include Martin Empson - who spoke at the first Hackney Climate Coalition meeting - and Suzanne Jeffrey, Hackney resident.…


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Hackney Climate Resources

This is a list of links to key resources concerning Hackney's Climate Emergency declaration.


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A short film about our River Lea

This short film was made by Ian Phillips. To quote his description: : "A haven for wildlife and an essential wild space for the local people, the River Lea cuts through the urban sprawl of East London. But years of neglect have left it on the brink of ecological disaster. The local community have come together to highlight the plight of this vital resource, demanding action to improve the state of the river."…


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Silo - zero waste restaurant film

Every year, the UK food indus­try wastes 1.9 mil­lion tonnes of food. This film doc­u­ments the sto­ry of one chef and his efforts to change this.

Five years ago, Douglas McMaster opened the restaurant Silo, hoping to change the unsustainable practices of modern food systems.



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School Staff - if interested please contact us - details below. If you know anyone in a Hackney School please pass this on.  Thank you.



At present, world leaders have returned from Glasgow…


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Appeal to support divestment rally Thursday, September 30th 6pm at the Town Hall

Thank you so much for your support for Divest Hackney and the campaign to stop Hackney Council from investing millions in climate destruction. 

Thanks to everything you've done,…


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An open letter to the councillors on the NLWA (North London Waste Authority)

All credit to the Hackney Gazette ( for exposing the dismissive rejection of discussion at the AGM of the North London Waste Authority on the planned new Edmonton incinerator. Cllr Clyde Loakes’s fourteen years in the position of chair suggests he has an unhealthy attachment to the plan which is impairing his willingness to listen to legitimate concerns. Evidence that global warming is an emergency is daily screaming at…


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Stop the Tories' Police bill

Sustainable Hackney probably doesn’t have any members who support Priti Patel’s Police Crime Sentencing and Courts bill but, for the record, here’s some reasons for opposing it.

Our first tweet about the bill was from Drill not Drop. They recognized that anti-fracking protests like those at Horse Hill, Surrey will be hit if this becomes law.…


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