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Six Inches of Soil film night

We had a packed house for our showing on 26 April and an amazing panel.

The film explores the stories of three young farmers in their first year of their journeys to heal the soil on their land by using regenerative farming practices. We see the differences they make to soil and its life, both worms and microscopic life forms, learn how that changes…


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The East End Trades Guild's Manifesto for the New Economy

The East End Trades Guild have a Manifesto for the New Economy

The East End Trades Guild (EETG) is an alliance of 400 small independent businesses, socially trading organisations and self-employed people all working together for the common good in East London. The Guild is rooted in a Community Organising approach and aims to help build a bridge towards a fair, inclusive and sustainable economy.

Read more about the Guild and it’s…


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Keep Our NHS Public

Can’t get a GP appointment? Struggling to find a dentist? Have a friend or family member on a surgical waiting list? If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then you are not alone. People all over the country are struggling to get the care they need for a decent quality of life.


Ahead of the General Election later this year, Keep Our NHS Public is launching a new campaign to build support for our vision for a People’s NHS.…


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To quote the Royal Horticultural Society: "Soil plays a key role in the carbon cycle, can hold the water needed for plants to grow, and can help to prevent extreme water crises such as flood events or droughts. Most crucially for our species, it can feed us; perpetually, sustainably and healthily. But to maximise these benefits, we need to keep learning about it, and handle it with care and thought."

What lives in the soil is often little appreciated - bees…


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New garden waste collection charges

Hackney Council has suddenly imposed an annual subscription for having garden waste collected, to take effect from 6th May but lasting initially until 31st March 2025.

While it's fair to charge the relatively small…


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FINITE: The Climate of Change

On Friday evening we saw a very powerful and moving documentary about two groups of activists, learning about what they were fighting to protect, what it was costing them emotionally and in their lives to do so, and seeing how brave and determined they were.
They were two very different groups, one large group occupying a…

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Films for Action - Finite: The Climate of Change

Join us for a very special screening on Friday 23rd February at St Paul's Church Hackney, of 'Finite: The Climate of Change'.  After the screening, we will be joined by a panel including director Rich Feldgate. 

More info

Documentary website…


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Growing Communities is recruiting growing trainees

Hi all, please could you share this with anyone you think might be interested. Thanks

Do you want to develop food growing skills for a better food system? Game-changing Hackney-based social enterprise Growing Communities is recruiting this year's crop of urban growing trainees. Learn all about growing vegetables - especially salad leaves - at our urban market gardens in Hackney. The free training runs one day a week, plus monthly evening…


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Film for action: SEED: the untold story

We enjoyed a very beautiful film on 17 November as well as learning a great deal.


The wonderful imagery of seeds sprouting, of fields and forests, backgrounded the story of seeds, the importance of having many varieti

es of…


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Protecting our rivers

The latest film night in the Sustainable Hackney Films for Action series focused on river pollution and what individuals can do to make a difference. There is a lot we can actively do, beyond simply campaigning.


The well-attended event at St Paul’s West…


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Push for the redesign of the Silvertown Tunnel

We need you to help us push for a repurposing of the Silvertown Tunnel!
While Hackney Council has already stated its opposition to the planned Sivertown Tunnel on behalf of residents, we still need to engage with the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, as he continues to try and push through the project in its…

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North London Waste Authority survey

NLWA and the seven boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington, and Waltham Forest are developing a new Joint Waste Strategy. This will provide the framework for waste management in north London up to 2040.

Please complete survey at link below and share with anyone else in the 7 boroughs:

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Growing Communities Farmers' Market turns 20!

The UK's only all-organic food market turns 20 this year and is throwing a series of events to mark this special milestone.

Growing Communities Farmers' Market based at St Paul's Church in Stoke Newington is celebrating 20 years of better food this May! 🧑‍🌾That's 20 years of fair pay for our hardworking farmers & producers,…


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After The Oil Machine - how can we break our addiction to oil??

“THE OIL MACHINE explores the complexities of transitioning away from oil and gas as a society and considers how quickly we can do it.”

On 11 March, Sustainable Hackney re-started its ‘Film For Action’ Programme by screening “The Oil Machine”. Gratefully, Vicar Niall Weir of St. Paul’s West Hackney once again provided the Church Hall as the venue and all projector equipment to show the…


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New Spitalfields, a harmful and unsuitable development in a location at risk from flash flooding

Hackney, like every other authority in the UK, is preparing a climate action plan and like every other authority it devises its plan on the basis of its own territorial boundaries. A major problem for plans like these is, of course, that climate knows no borders and trying to ‘fix’ the problem in one part of London without coordinating action with other authorities will undermine the whole project.

The Lea Valley Park and the Marshes, East London’s Green Lung, is the most…


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What will it take for Hackney's Climate Action Plan to succeed?

In January 2023 we submitted our response to the council’s consultation on the draft Climate Action Plan and Council Implementation Plan.  These documents will shape Hackney's response to the climate crisis and whether Hackney can deliver on…


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London Lea report

A new report about our local river was published this month (February 2023), London Lea Catchment - Water Quality Monitoring and Community Recommendations, that makes interesting reading for anyone wanting to find out about what’s been happening to its quality and management. A ‘catchment’ is the area from which water drains into the river and includes surrounding land and…


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How to get hold of Thelma the Thermal Imaging Camera for FREE

Don't like playing hide and seek with cold spots in your home? Use Thelma the Thermal Imaging Camera and save money on your energy bills. 



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Why Power for People's Local Electricity Bill could be a game changer for local communities

The monopoly of the big six energy companies in the UK is undeniable. They hold a tight grip on the economy of these islands. It’s with this in mind that we were interested when an organisation that we hadn’t heard of called Power for People got in touch with us.

How they had found out about us is unclear, but they were pushing…


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7 actions you can take to support the circular economy in Hackney

Did you know that 80% of household items are used less than once a…


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