Biodiversity and Green Space

Oak Bracket on tree stump in Clissold Park


Our vision is that Hackney becomes the wildlife and green space heart of inner London, leading the way in urban ecology with active parks where local people take responsibility for their environment and biodiversity

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Greenprint for Biodiversity and Green Spaces in Hackney 

  • Reverse the loss of open space - we need 25 acres of new open spaces to reverse the losses since 2009.
  • Improve access to nature - create new green spaces for new residents; 1 Ha of new green space per 10,000 new residents.
  • Expertise in ecology - our council should employ ecologists in both the Parks and Planning Departments.
  • Beyond Green Flag - our parks should go well beyond Green Flag standards and provide: safe, popular, active parks for everyone to enjoy, a mixture of casual, free and organised sport/exercise facilities, maximum diversity and density of wildlife, sophisticated, sustainable habitat management, and community led park development.
  • Care for our green spaces - we need a well trained, properly paid and staffed grounds maintenance and ranger service.
  • An active park forum – our Park Forum needs a funded co-ordinator to facilitate dynamic volunteer user groups representing all communities at all major parks and green spaces.
  • Create two new Sites of Special Scientific Interest - SSSI status for Abney Nature Reserve and East Reservoir.
  • Tree protection - All trees over 100 years old should be fully protected.
  • Zero pesticide borough – our council and our residents stop using pesticides and use only organic methods of pest control.
  • Planning policies that protect nature and biodiversity from development

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