Hackney Transport Strategy published, some improvements acheived 

Greenprint for Hackney

Hackney becomes a borough which is well connected by public transport, where cycling and walking are used for an increasing number of journeys and become part of people’s lifestyle. Hackney continues to be at the forefront of the cycling revolution.

Our work

  • We held public events and responded to the consultation on the future of transport in Hackney
  • We supported pedestrianisation of the Narroway
  • We support the local filtering scheme in London Fields
  • We've attended local consultations on Crossrail 2.
  • We developed a vision for transport - the Greenprint for Hackney 

Greenprint for Hackney

  • A tube line for Hackney? - Crossrail 2 will have a huge construction impact on Hackney and will stimulate additional development exacerbating problems of housing affordability and gentrification.  This vast costly project will deliver only a single station at Dalston.  Hackney’s transport needs would be better served by lower-cost options such as investing in the new Overground lines.
  • A frequent Overground service to seven new stations - Investment in the new Overground lines should deliver more frequent services as well as new trains and upgraded and accessible stations.
  • Oppose airport expansion - Alternatives to growth in air travel will be needed to meet climate change targets.  The economic case is weak when the cost of mitigation and health impacts of noise and pollution are included.
  • Scrap the Stoke Newington Gyratory and return it to two-way operation.

  • World-class cycling borough - Support the development of cycle facilities in conjunction with Hackney Cyclists. Hackney gets its share of cycling funding.

  • 20 is plenty - Hackney has a universal 20mph speed limit

  • Bring back car-free day - Car-free day becomes an annual event.

  • Pedestrian-friendly - More streets in our town centres are pedestrianised

    and other parts of Hackney are made more pedestrian-friendly.

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