Sustainable Local Economy

Greenprint for Hackney

Our vision is a borough whose residents can earn their living, buy what they need and do most of their shopping locally. These needs are met by local companies, particularly co-operatives and social enterprises, who reinvest in the community and are sustainable.

Our work

  • We supported the development of Hackney's first energy co-op through our involvement in Hackney Energy
  • We supported the development of a town centre plan for Dalston
  • We created a map of local green businesses
  • We developed a vision for a sustainable local economy - the Greenprint for Hackney 

Greenprint for Hackney

  • Support local businesses - increase the share of small businesses and
    community ownership in the local economy.

  • Green local businesses - support the mentoring of local businesses in
    sustainable business practices.

  • London Living Wage - ensure all Council contractors, including voluntary
    sector providers and partners such as the North London Waste Authority,
    pay the London Living Wage, and encourage local businesses to do the

  • Support the green business sector - encourage growth of businesses in
    the environmental sector: recycling, energy efficiency, reuse and green

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