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Greenprint for Hackney

Our vision is that people’s lives get better while our environmental footprint gets lighter. Hackney becomes a place where people can meet their needs and aspirations without consuming too much stuff. Resources are used and reused locally and nothing is wasted. A circular economy starts to become a reality.

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Greenprint for Hackney

  • Zero waste borough - Hackney sends no waste to landfill and recycles and reuses most resources locally.
  • Prevention first - people consume less, reuse more, recycle more and waste less. Our council, community groups and businesses work together to develop and implement a waste prevention strategy for the borough.
  • Planning out waste - our planning policies support the use of sustainable materials, reuse of construction waste, and keeping existing structures.
  • World class recycling - recycling rates continue to improve and become among the best in the world, producing high quality materials. Commercial recycling levels continue to increase.
  • Local repair jobs - the potential of the reuse and repair sector in the borough is supported and encouraged. A thriving waste exchange system develops in the area. 
  • Don’t despair, repair - community repair events are held to reduce waste, increase skills and encourage reuse.
  • Reused in Hackney - households and businesses waste less food. Waste food is turned into into wonderful compost for local use

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