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Air quality is the single most important environmental factor affecting our health.    It is a critical ecosystem service, dependent on us managing our activities and taking care of our environment.

However, a cocktail of noxious traffic fumes (see FAQs) diluted according to weather conditions is shortening everyone’s life and killing more than 4,000 Londoners every year.  So say campaign groups like Clean Air in London and the Better Archway Forum, academics and researchers like Walters and the Kings’ Fund.  Even the government acknowledges it.

Here Sustainable Hackney assesses the quality of our air and its management:

  • Who manages air quality?  How?  Do we have a say?
  • Where is the pollution coming from?
  • What’s the impact on our health?
  • How is Hackney performing?
  • Do the legal limits mean our air is fresh?
  • Are we living within our means?

Find out more and see what you can do to help.

Pollution over London from Alexander Palace 09.09 29/09/2012 Photo: K Johnson

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This environmental assessment was carried out using the Sustainable Development Commission’s Know your environmental limits: a local leaders’ guide(SDC 2011).   The SDC was set up to hold the government to account in balancing the needs of society, the economy and the environment.  It was closed by the Coalition Government in 2011.

Air quality is complex.   This assessment is written in an accessible way for all concerned about air pollution, health and the local environment.   For an overview, read the summary.   To understand more about overstepping environmental limits and what action to take follow the links.

Living within our environmental limits is an important principle underpinning sustainable communities.  The local leaders’ guide helps recognise those limits and how to stay inside them.

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