Progress on Hackney Wick Library of Things

I'm the Community Activator for the new Library of Things which will be opening in the Baths on Eastway soon, supported by partners Sustainable Hackney, LLDC and Stour Studios.

We've been busy installing the kiosk inside the Baths and inviting people to sign up for our newsletter in readiness for when we open for borrowing - you can do this at You can also vote for which items you'd most like to borrow in the Community Wish List.

There will be a cafe in the same space as the Library, and so the building as a whole will open when indoor hospitality is allowed; we're hoping to open shortly after this.

The Library will offer an affordable way of borrowing items such as steam cleaners, pressure washers, strimmers, sewing machines, projectors, tea urns... the kinds of things you may only need every now and then and which often take up space and are expensive to buy. We'll also be planning skill sharing events once we're up and running and restrictions are eased, and I'll be eagerly looking for collaborators for these!

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