Sign the petition - Stop the government attempt to stifle students from discussing the politics of climate change

From parents concerned about the Tories' Climate Education Strategy - Please sign and share

We have started a petition asking for the clause around protest and campaigning to be removed from the Climate Education Strategy as we feel it is a violation of democracy and puts schools in a position where they will be failing students by not giving them the tools they need to understand and engage in politics. Could you please support us with sharing the petition?

Here is the petition info:

A draft DfE strategy on sustainability and climate change has stated that "it would not be appropriate to encourage pupils to join specific campaigning groups or engage in specific political activity, such as protests." We call on the Government to remove this statement. This language is unnecessarily proscriptive and denies students access to key learning opportunities.

Campaigning and protesting are key parts of a functioning democracy and provide rich and valuable learning opportunities. Children have had their education enhanced by such activities as school trips to Fridays for Future demonstrations or persuasive writing activities in support of charity campaigns.

Please sign and share this petition:

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