May 2018 Blog Posts (4)

Lansdowne Drive and Westgate Street School Street & Bus Gate get the go-ahead

Between 5 December 2017 and 12 January 2018, local residents, businesses and schools were consulted on the proposals and a majority were in favour of the proposals. You can view the approved Delegated Powers Report which gives full details on the scheme and consultation at…


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What Do Cockroaches Eat? Will They Invade Your Garden?

Cockroaches are widely considered to be a house pest, and it is. But that doesn't mean that if they pass through your garden they won't stop and taste what you've got there.

These bugs are omniverse and would eat pretty much anything that is organic. They belong to the species Blattaria and there are four common cockroach types in the UK. Their digestive tract is rich in a variety of protozoa and special kinds of bacteria that help them digest a wide range of…


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The slow drive for better air quality

At long last it’s starting to happen, but so, so slowly – general recognition of our right to breathe clean air and that we are not able to do so. Our air quality is illegal; our air quality is killing people – 40,000 early deaths every year. Here in London, which falls way down the air quality league table of European capital cities, the main contributor to pollution is transport.


The pressure started with Client Earth, whose UK offices are in Hackney, successfully taking…


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Clean air should be a basic human right

Clean air should surely be a basic human right – for us, our children and for future generations. Right now in London we are living in illegal levels of air pollution.

By the end of January 2018 the city had already exceeded recommend EU air quality…


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