Clean air should be a basic human right

Clean air should surely be a basic human right – for us, our children and for future generations. Right now in London we are living in illegal levels of air pollution.

By the end of January 2018 the city had already exceeded recommend EU air quality limits 18 times over. Scary stuff. For the rest of the 11 months we’re living in a kind of air pollution experiment – experts knowing it’s shockingly bad for our health but well, tough. It’s happening.

If you want to get involved with campaigning for clean air Greenpeace, Friends Of The Earth and Clean Air London all have active campaigns. And please contact Sustainable Hackney if you'd like to get involved in local action to help reduce air pollution, or have your own ideas for a Hackney campaign.

Meanwhile, you can help by walking, cycling or taking public transport instead of driving, planting trees and lobbying your local councillors and MP at their next surgery. And think about the products you buy and use as there are many different sources of air pollution.

(Thanks to Made In Hackney for their Food For Thought on this topic - and to Greenpeace for the photo)

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