Sustainabaility In Action 2 - trees, earth and logistics

A busy weekend of eco activity included woodland management on Saturday and tree planting on Sunday. Having finished planting 19 new trees on Hackney Downs in January

Tree Musketeers joined Millfields User Group to plant 7 new trees on South Millfields.  All trees were grown at the Hackney Community Tree Nursery maximising local engagement and minimising carbon footprint.

Hackney Downs new trees: wild cherry, stone pine, Mexican weeping pine, Bhutan pine, Pride of India (x3), English oak (x6), True Service (x3), heartnut, celtis and southern beech.

Millfields new trees: field maple, rowan, Pride of India, heartnut, English oak and native black poplar (x2). Two trees were planted as memorials, one of them for original Tree Warden and Tree Musketeer Richard Ford.

A small army of Happitime Parents and toddlers joined in the fun.

Council cuts meant we could not rely on LBH for transport so TMs hired a van to transport tools, trees and materials.

TMs are such an established and experienced team it is easy to miss the planning (tree and site selection, site visits with LBH), logistics and resources (tools and equipment) that are required for these events.  The art however is to keep all that in the back ground and maximise adult and toddler fun.

Next event:- tree care in Springfield Park 9th Feb 10am-1pm.

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