Tree Musketeers

Tree Musketeers:
  • care for young trees, which includes watering and mulching, and maintaining stakes and guards
  • work with local people, the Council and other organisations to promote tree care in Hackney
  • raise awareness of the benefits of trees to the quality of life.

Volunteers of all ages are welcome and equipment is provided. Come for as long or short a period as you wish.

Ask for details of how to adopt or sponsor a tree.

Winter November 2017 - January 2018
Trees proposed to plant:
16 trees are to be planted on Well Street Common
13 trees are to be planted on Millfields North
4-5 trees are to be planted on Hackney Downs

Dates of planting and other activities:
Oct 28th, Last Saturday of month at Tree Nursery. 10am - 2pm.
Nov 25th, Last Saturday of month at Tree Nursery. 10am - 2pm.
Dec 2nd & 3rd, Saturday and Sunday, Millfields North. Tree planting. 10am - 2pm approximately.
Dec 9th & 10th, Saturday and Sunday, Well Street Common. Tree planting.

   Meet at fountain in centre of the Common. 10am - 2pm approximately.
Dec 16th, Saturday, Hackney Downs. Tree planting. Tree to be planted to celebrate 20 years of tree volunteering

   in Hackney. 10am - 2pm approximately.
Dec 30th, Last Saturday of month at Tree Nursery. 10am - 2pm, followed by social.
Jan 6th, Saturday,  Millfields South. Training day for formative and orchard pruning (RM).

   (Restricted attendance for trainees.)
Jan 13th, Saturday,  Millfields South Orchard. Fruit tree pruning event for volunteers.
Jan 20th, Saturday,  Millfields South Orchard. Public event for volunteers.
Jan 27th, Last Saturday of month at Tree Nursery. 10am - 2pm.

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Details of our 2017 tree calendar


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