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WILDING Film preview tonight at Hackney Picturehouse

Catch a special preview of WILDING + recorded Q&A with Isabella Tree tonight at Hackney Picturehouse, 8.30pm.

Based on Isabella Tree’s best-selling book about rewilding experiment Knepp,  WILDING tells the story of a young couple that bets on…


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Films for Action - Finite: The Climate of Change

Join us for a very special screening on Friday 23rd February at St Paul's Church Hackney, of 'Finite: The Climate of Change'.  After the screening, we will be joined by a panel including director Rich Feldgate. 

More info

Documentary website…


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Push for the redesign of the Silvertown Tunnel

We need you to help us push for a repurposing of the Silvertown Tunnel!
While Hackney Council has already stated its opposition to the planned Sivertown Tunnel on behalf of residents, we still need to engage with the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, as he continues to try and push through the project in its…

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After The Oil Machine - how can we break our addiction to oil??

“THE OIL MACHINE explores the complexities of transitioning away from oil and gas as a society and considers how quickly we can do it.”

On 11 March, Sustainable Hackney re-started its ‘Film For Action’ Programme by screening “The Oil Machine”. Gratefully, Vicar Niall Weir of St. Paul’s West Hackney once again provided the Church Hall as the venue and all projector equipment to show the…


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What will it take for Hackney's Climate Action Plan to succeed?

In January 2023 we submitted our response to the council’s consultation on the draft Climate Action Plan and Council Implementation Plan.  These documents will shape Hackney's response to the climate crisis and whether Hackney can deliver on…


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Responding to Hackney's draft Climate Action Plan

Hackney council recently launched the consulation on their draft Climate Action Plan and we're preparing our response.  It has taken them a while to get to this point, more than three years after declaring a climate emergency, but…


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Hackney Council releases draft Climate Action Plan

The council has published it's draft Climate Action Plan as part of the papers for a Cabinet meeting on Monday 24th October.

You can download and read the documents here:



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Stop big fashion hijacking the grassroots repair movement

We've added Sustainable Hackney and Hackney Fixers as signatories of this petition protesting the hijacking of Repair Week by Primark, which, as a fast fashion retailer, is a totally inappropriate sponsor.  …


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Let's talk rubbish- You can make a difference today. We want to hear your opinion on your council services for recycling and rubbish.

Did you know that right now in north London, we are spending £40 million each year to burn the rubbish that is collected in an incinerator in Edmonton, north of Tottenham.

That means a lot of plastics, food waste, clothing and much more is incinerated  and not recycled ♻️, composted, or reused as…


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Sign the petition - Stop the government attempt to stifle students from discussing the politics of climate change

From parents concerned about the Tories' Climate Education Strategy - Please sign and share

We have started a petition asking for the clause around protest and campaigning to be removed from the Climate Education Strategy as we feel it is a violation of democracy and puts schools in a position where they will be failing students by not giving them the tools they need to understand…


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Stop the Edmonton incinerator plan- Petition to Hackney's NLWA reps to pause and review

Stop the Edmonton incinerator plan

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is poised to build a new bigger incinerator in Edmonton. Hackney is one of seven north London boroughs behind the scheme. Due to its size, cost and the environmental damage it will cause; we demand that the NLWA stop and…


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Climate Jobs - Building a workforce for the climate emergency

(edited by, among others, Fliss Premru, Sustainable Hackney member, who's the lead author of Chapter 7: Towards Zero Waste: climate jobs in the circular economy). Other contributors/editors include Martin Empson - who spoke at the first Hackney Climate Coalition meeting - and Suzanne Jeffrey, Hackney resident.…


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Welcome to Mete Coban - Hackney’s cabinet member for Energy, Waste, Transport and Public Realm

We welcome the appointment of Mete Coban MBE to lead Hackney's efforts to tackle the climate crisis and we are pleased that he has already acknowledged the climate emergency as a priority.

Hackney formally declared an emergency in 2019.  We produced a community response to that declaration in November that…


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Is incineration the right solution for Hackney’s Waste?

Photo: Tim Lewis

The recent articles in the Observer and the…


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Walks connecting Hackney's Parks and Green Spaces

With the increase in use of green spaces for exercise we are republishing these walks.  It will be interesting to try them again to see how things have changed in the last 10 years.  Enjoy!…


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Hackney Parks and "Housing" Green Space Strategy

Did you know that the new Hackney Parks and Green Spaces Strategy will affect green spaces on estates?  From next year the Hackney Parks Department will take on the management of 237 green spaces on Hackney's estates in addition to the 58 parks and green spaces they already manage.  That's why it is vital that estate residents have an input to the strategy…


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Building Back Better – what do you want?

At this year’s Sustainable Hackney AGM, we asked people to talk about what they wanted to help build Hackney back better.  Now we are asking everyone who wasn’t there.

Hackney Council are holding a meeting early in March on building back better in Hackney post-Covid, and this is a chance to feed into it: if you tell us,…


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Hackney Food Hub Christmas Appeal


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Hackney SUTR protest at the Museum of the Home

As Black Lives Matter protests exploded around the world, statues of racists were toppled after mass protests. The trustees of Hackney’s Museum of the Home held a public consultation on whether the statue above its door, of slave trader Robert Geffrye, should come down. Hackney people voted overwhelmingly for its…


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Have an input to Hackney's Parks & Green Spaces and Green Infrastucture Strategies

Photo Kate Poland

Hackney Council has launched a consultation on it's draft Parks and Green Spaces Strategy.   You can read the …


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