Building Back Better – what do you want?

At this year’s Sustainable Hackney AGM, we asked people to talk about what they wanted to help build Hackney back better.  Now we are asking everyone who wasn’t there.

Hackney Council are holding a meeting early in March on building back better in Hackney post-Covid, and this is a chance to feed into it: if you tell us, we can write to them, ensuring they hear what you are asking for.

Topics raised by people at the AGM included green skills development and job creation – for example, local training for people to become accredited for energy efficiency work on homes; they included divestment from fossil fuels; improving air quality; and reducing noise.

As councils and government work on plans to rebuild after this disastrous year, we all need to talk to our local representatives, either as individuals or through groups we belong to, and make sure they know we don’t want to go back to the same ways that have caused so many problems. We need to write to our councils and write to our MPs to let them know we want better ways of living, fairer ways that leave no one behind, that tackle the climate and ecological emergency at the same time as fuel poverty, and create new jobs, that cut air pollution and the poor health that it causes, that fight injustice.

Make your voice heard or let us speak on your behalf if you prefer – but please make the most of this opportunity.

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