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Hackney Climate Resources

This is a list of links to key resources concerning Hackney's Climate Emergency declaration.


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Campaigners reveal vision for wild swimming in Waltham Forest

Save Lea Marshes and CPRE have joined forces to campaign to transform the historic filter beds on Lea Bridge Road, once used by Thames Water, into a place for wild swimming. 

The campaign is calling for the site, which is Metropolitan Open Land, to be returned to the people of East London as a place for wild swimming and for it to be rewilded, with the built environment reclaimed by nature in some places and landscaping and planting in others.…


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Five lessons from 5 years of Hackney Fixers

When the Restart Project inspired us to hold our first Restart Party five years ago we thought it was a fun way to DO something practical to help the environment. 

5 years, 33 events and 881 devices later it is still that.  Indeed we are still having fun and we’ve prevented 16 tonnes of CO2 emissions according to the Restart Project’s Fixometer.

As I munched…


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Celebrating 5 years of Hackney Fixers!

Today is the day, five long years ago, that we held our first Restart Party at Passing Clouds. We were so nervous when we opened up, we didn’t know if anyone would come!

Just found these old photos https://sustainablehackney.org.uk/photo/albums/restart-party-thanks-to-kate-and-hth-foe …


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Let 15 parklets bloom!

Last year residents were delighted by the "People Parking Bay" near London Fields. 

Now, in a pilot scheme promoted by Hackney Council, residents can apply to create a parklet in their own street. The pilot…


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Environmental impact of our gadgets

There is a buzz of conversation, laughter, a whoop of excitement as a dead vacuum roars back into life.  People are having fun.  So that's why they call it a Restart Party!   

Can you have fun and help save the planet?  Turns out you can.  Hackney Fixers has been running repair parties for electrical and electronic gadgets since 2014 and in four years has…


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Hackney Fixers - Fixing Fridays

Do you feel frustrated by electronic and electrical appliances that stop working?  Want to learn to make them last longer?  Join Hackney Fixers for Fixing Fridays, where we show you how to repair and take back control!

These free workshops are at Dalston CLR James Library at 6pm on the…


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Plans for a new incinerator at Edmonton were given development consent last week

Plans for a new incinerator at Edmonton got development consent from the government last week.  The current incinerator will reach the end of it's useful life in 2025 and it's replacement is now apparently planned with even more capacity to take waste from other parts of London.  

Paying for the capital costs of the new plant will put waste disposal costs in…


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London super-sewer is waste of £4bn, says the assessor who recommended it

Seven-year project to stop wastewater flowing into Thames is unnecessary and ministers should have considered alternatives, says Chris Binney. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/nov/14/london-super-sewer-is-waste-of-4bn-says-assessor…


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You wait 183 years for a new wetland and then two come along together!

This weekend saw the opening of the first publicly accessible wetland in Hackney at Woodberry Wetlands, and it was tremendously popular when I went along on Sunday.  Closed to the public since it was built to store water brought along the New River from Hertfordshire it was officially opened by Sir Richard Attenborough on 30th April.…


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TfL awards Overground contract to Arriva

Arriva will take over as the operator of the London Overground services from November 2016 including all the Overground services through Hackney.  The franchise will operate for 7 1/2 years with a possible additional two years.



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Extra recycling points for waste electricals

Electrical recycling

The Hackney recycling service has installed extra temporary recycling points for small electrical items from 11-22nd April at: 

  • Dalston C.L.R. James Library
  • Clapton Library
  • Hackney Central Library
  • Homerton Library
  • Shoreditch Library
  • Stamford Hill Library
  • Stoke Newington Library
  • St Dominic’s Primary School, Balance Road, E9 5SR
  • Gayhurst Primary School, 92 Well Street, E9…

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Six stations in Hackney became part of the London Overground on 1st June

Six stations in Hackney became part of the London Overground on 1st June and now appear on the tube map, as reported in East London Lines

Some pay-as-you go fares are expected to drop as a result, and TfL is promising investment in…


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Sustainable Hackney invests in Hackney's first solar Co-op

Banister House Solar offers an exciting new opportunity for individuals and organisations to support the generation of solar power in Hackney and to contribute to wider action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  The project has been 18 months in the planning and it has been a huge achievement to get to this stage. 

So far it has raised almost £40,000 towards the target of £142,000 which will make the project actually happen.  



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New consultation on Crossrail 2 - Dalston or Hackney Central, not both??

Transport for London is consulting again on Crossrail 2.  They now want to know if we'd prefer to have a Crossrail 2 station at Dalston or Hackney Central.  Apparently it will be cheaper than having stations at both.  The Homerton option has completely gone from the agenda.  Closes 25th July 2014.…


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Restart Hackney at Abney - April 2014

For our third Restart Party we joined the fun at Abney Park's well-attended spring fun day on April 12th.  On offer was wood carving, stone carving, music, and stalls from Abney Park Trust, RSPB, Friends of the Earth and Hackney Energy as well as music and dancing.  I was lucky enough to win an RSPB apron  in the raffle!

Abney Park Trust kindly turned the lovely eco classroom over to us, and we enjoyed being surrounded  by wildlife pictures, carved wood, and insect models as we…


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Restart Hackney at the Redmond Centre

We held our second Restart Hackney party at the Redmond Centre on the 1st February 2014.  It was a beautiful day and queues were forming as we prepared to start.  We had the Daily Telegraph and BBC London on hand to report on the event and lots of interest after the Restart Project had been on the BBC earlier that week.

Many thanks to all the repairers, our lovely…


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Hackney to gain 6 Overground stations next year

The West Anglia lines are to become part of the Overground network report the Evening Standard and …


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Restart party, what a buzz!

Our first Restart party at Passing Clouds with Friends of the Earth went well, so many people we were struggling to keep up with demand.  It was great the way people pitched in to help repair each other's stuff!  Thanks to Friedericke, our friends at…


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North London Waste Authority abandons waste procurement plans

The North London Waste Authority is abandoning the procurement process for waste contracts estimated to be worth more than £3bn over 25 to 30 years. and is looking at cheaper options instead.

The process came under fire after the withdrawal of Veolia left FCC Environmental and its partner Skanksa as the sole bidder for one contract to collect…


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