There is a buzz of conversation, laughter, a whoop of excitement as a dead vacuum roars back into life.  People are having fun.  So that's why they call it a Restart Party!   

Can you have fun and help save the planet?  Turns out you can.  Hackney Fixers has been running repair parties for electrical and electronic gadgets since 2014 and in four years has prevented 720kg of e-waste and 12 tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to driving two and half times round the world.  This is according to "The Fixometer" a tool developed by The Restart Project in liaison with WRAP.

So what's the connection between repair and emissions?  Prolonging the life of our gadgets through repair can help prevent the emissions involved in manufacture, extraction of raw materials and transport.  For example Apple estimates that 85% of the impact of an iPhone is in manufacture.   So extending the life of your iPhone by one year could reduce the lifecycle impact by 30% or more.  

To find out more about Hackney Fixers and their next Restart Party click here.

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