Thank ? For Rain 2 - To whom do we give thanks?

To whom do we give thanks?

Where do we pay our respects to the life force that sustains us on this planet? We are so ignorant we do not even begin to have an answer to these most fundamental of questions.

Drowning in an ideology of ignorance in a post-thinking age, like it or not we are still totally dependant upon the benevolence of ancient forces we have forgotten to respect or even notice.

Returning to some form of sanity will not be easy. For a start human existence has always been dominated by some degree of colossal ignorance. The difference now however is we choose to accept passivity, suffering and violence in return for our own personal pact with power. We keep quiet and hope things won't get any worse. Indeed many subscribe fully to the IoI and believe they are free agents. They are generally so removed from the destruction of Capital and its servants their personal pacts are rational, at least in their selfish calculation.

For those who believe in truth – and those who notice when it rains – those with spirit, such accommodations with evil are uncomfortable to the point of impossibility. A million Iraqi and Afghan dead, 1000s of children dying everyday for lack of water or food, bankers, politicians and generals raping the planet in ignorance of their crimes. To begin the long journey back to sanity a lot of us have to think. We have to think not just for ourselves and those without the time or comfort to think. We have to think for the abusers too. The evil men who dictate this obscene game are prisoners of their ignorance and fear too. That's not to say they are not culpable or equal; theyare evil. The question is not their salvation but our path beyond their violence.

Well, sorry that's all I have for now. Enjoy the rain, feel your senses and train them better in every respect.

If you are ever sad or depressed do something good.  It's not a solution, I just find it helps.

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