Sustainable Hackney is community partner for Library of Things Dalston

The launch of Library of Things Dalston has been put on hold while the library is closed.

You may have heard that the Library of Things is coming to Dalston.  The LoT will be based at Dalston CLR James Library and is a lending library for tools, DIY, gardening and cleaning equipment, and stuff for hosting events.   People will be able to borrow items like gardening hand tools for £2 per day, sewing machines, drills and power saws for £7 per day, and a carpet cleaner for £20 per day. There's a further 25% discount for those that self-define as low-income.


The prices of borrowing these things are cheaper than using a hire company and this helps people and community groups use these items without needing to buy their own. 


Sustainable Hackney is pleased to be a community partner of LoT Dalston and we will be working to support the project through our network of local contacts and our experience of hosting repair events. 


There will be a programme of related community events in the space at Dalston LoT which could include repair parties and mending workshops.


You may also have ideas about items that the library could stock that would be useful for community groups to borrow, e.g. litter picking kits or gardening or event equipment, that would save them buying their own.  Please vote on the items you'd like to be able to borrow via this wishlist or by getting in touch with us.


For more information see


Keep safe and well,


Sustainable Hackney

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