Following our recent meeting on the community response to the climate emergency we have written to the Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville, and invited him to join the panel debate at our next meeting on 25th March.

March 2020

Community response to Hackney’s Climate Emergency declaration

Dear Mayor,

We are writing on behalf of Sustainable Hackney and the organisations mentioned below to invite you to a public meeting on 25 March, or an alternative convenient date, to respond to the attached paper, our Community Response to Hackney's Climate Emergency Declaration. This paper was drafted following wide community consultation last summer and autumn, and was sent to the council's lead on the environment, Cllr Jon Burke.

We acknowledge your commitment to environmental concerns, and the links the council is building with the community. However, we are naturally concerned to receive a response to the paper we produced, and to support the proposed Citizens' Assembly. The paper was offered, as you can see, in the spirit of constructive engagement, to support you, in the many ways available to us, to act on the declaration

We therefore hope you are available to join a panel debate on the Climate Emergency and the community response, on Wednesday 25 March at 7pm, at the Rhodes Estate Community Hall, Carlisle Walk, London E8 3SX.

We would be happy to arrange an alternative date at your convenience.  We look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,

Philip Pearson
Chair, Sustainable Hackney

Divest Hackney
Education for Sustainability
Hackney Fixers
Hackney Food Partnership
Plastic Free Hackney
Sustainable Hackney
Hackney Living Streets
Extinction Rebellion
Tree Musketeers
Hackney Energy
Fuel Poverty Action
Cordwainers Grow
Union of Hackney Gardens

Gabriel Davalos
Michael Calderbank
James Diamond
Ed Carver
Debbie Mitchener
Daisy Hutchison
Bettina Maidment
Bethany Martin
Philip Pearson
Hannah Eskell
Jan Kuiper
Richard Payne
Sandra Edwards
Sandra McLeod
Merle White
Briony Pete
Mireille Tchapi
Christine Kings

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