We're very concerned about a threat to sell park land near the north edge of Hackney Marsh to build housing. Please, if you can, get a short email off to Waltham Forest council by the end of Tuesday 31st Jan.

All that's needed:
* address: leabridgeandleytonconsultation@walthamforest.gov.uk
* title: Lea Bridge Eastside Vision Consultation
* Ask the council to remove the proposal to allow sale to housing developers of Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) at the Waterworks site, Lea Bridge Road.
* forward or bcc to: hmug@hmug.org.uk

If they reply that you have to comment via the website, protest &/or forward us their response. The officers have been told to accept emails.

If you want to say more:
* The council itself doesn't want this land for housing. LBWF's Director of Strategic Planning said last week: "I am not arguing that we need to release MOL to meet housing need." (LVRPA meeting 26 January)
* Upmarket housing for out-of-borough workers is contrary to LBWF's interest. The council's member on the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority said last week: "We don't want to be turned into a dormitory borough" (same meeting).

You could also:
* welcome a railway station at Ruckholt Road. This would reduce the justification for car parks on Hackney Marshes.
* welcome improvement of walking and cycling links for Waltham Forest residents to the marshes

Background from Save Lea Marshes who are doing a good job on this.

More about Hackney Marshes Users Group


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