There is just under a week left for you to comment on proposals for a new building and car park on the north marsh. Please try to get your comments in. The questionnaire is open until 9 July on the council's web site.

HMUG's main concerns are

  • the amount of private parking (resulting in the building going on what is now grass)
  • whether the council will do a decent job on biodiversity and landscaping.

We are negotiating on both these. It's important that the council doesn't go ahead until we have detailed commitments from them.

On biodiversity, they are already trying to cut costs by what we think is an inadequate specification for the green roof, as with the failed roofs on the marsh centre and the waste depot.

On parking, we feel they will be hard to shift and if you object to more parking space on the marshes it's important to say so now.

The questionnaire is a bit tricky to use to make these points, but Q5 allows you to object to the location and suggest alternatives (e.g. the existing footprint) and Q7 asks whether you support the entire proposal and invites comments – a good place to call for these specific commitments. You can page back and adjust your replies.

More details and HMUG's view.

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