Remember whoever you vote for the government always wins.

Remember whoever you vote for the government always wins.

Which means what is misrepresented to us as 'democracy' is in reality nothing of the sort. Whether the control comes from Capital, corporate, State, Media or other institutional or private POWER, democracy - i.e. rule by the people - is consciously and deliberately subverted everyday by those who can and do force their twisted and self serving interests on us.  Most passively accept this hidden dictatorship, consciously or sub-consciously aware of their dis-empowerment but that passive acceptance is reinforced by State and corporate repression of those who will not lie down or stay silent. Another world is possible. One that does not require mass starvation, poverty, permanent wars, violence and deceit. But that world will not become a reality until people take responsibility for making it happen. Being responsible for our collective future does not mean  marking a piece of paper in a not so secret ballot where the odds are controlled and stacked by a myriad hidden games. Choosing to believe in the unbelievable bullshit is no solution. New Labour is like New Improved Daz. Clegg and the Lib Dems. Barack for Change. Now UKIP Farce or independent SNP Scotland? Meanwhile the rich get richer and the world gets poorer. Democracy? Stop buying their lies. Wake up to the games they are selling you. Only you can make a better world and only by doing it yourself with others.

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