We had a fab day co-hosting the zero waste market with Plastic Free Hackney, educational activities such as DIY vertical salad leaf planters and ofcourse the screening of 'A Plastic Ocean' in the evening followed by a lively panel discussion.

The key take-aways I got from the panel discussion

and the film were:

The single most effective change starts at home. Observe all the plastic you consume in a week and which area's you create the most. This is a great place to start eliminating plastic from your life by shopping around..

Hackney Council zero waste map and recycling info.

Better yet make it yourself! If you have the time, making anything can greatly reduce packaging and your carbon footprint! So why not learn a new skill?!
Check out: Hackney HerbalMade In Hackney, and Perma Blitz London.

DIY compost video; urban wormery video, Bokashi indoor bin video. If you are looking to buy worms or bins then check out Urban worm or city farms like spitalfeilds sell the bins. Hackney Council offer discounts on compost bins.

Zero waste vlogs: Hubbub, Ecoboost, Facebook group: @Zero Waste London

To get rid of large items or find things you need check out: Freecycle

Raising awareness by sharing the film and others like it, such as the BBC's 'Drowning In Plastic' can really help.   A Plastic Ocean is available online, so why not invite friends over for a mini screening & host a #PlasticFreeFriday supper?!


Tell the UK government that you demand new plans to dramatically reduce the plastic pouring into our oceans here.

If you have children or work in education why not let your school know about the shorter educational film version and resources available for schools at Plastic Oceans UK.


Plastic Free Hackney would love Hackney to be the first London borough to reach Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Communities Status.
Over 300 communities across the country are working hard to reach plastic-free status including in London, and some places in cornwall already have. Now it's our turn!

To reach this dream, the plan is for voluntary PFH ambassidors to reach out to your local businesses, schools, and organisations and ask them to join this movement. This is just the start, they have more strategic idea's in the making and are looking to collaborate! Their next big event is on Oct 28th, a big litter pick along the canal.

This is an OPEN CALL for BUSINESS OWNERS, ORGANISATIONS and CONCERNED CITIZENS to be part of a wave of change! Read the 'Business Tool Kit'.

If your interested in getting involved or getting on the zero waste map then email plasticfreehackney@gmail.com

Or join the next meeting at St Paul's Church West Hackney on October 18 @ 7pm.
Or join their litter pick on Oct 28.

Read here how the Surfers Against Sewage plastic-free movement has even reached the Houses of Parliment to clean-up their act!!!

Look out for Fetchh cup the coffee cup deposit return scheme piloting in Hackney & Shoreditch.

Plastic Free Hackney Litter Pick



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