Refugee Solidarity FIlms For Action Screening

Statement of Support from Diane Abbott

"So sorry that I cannot be with you this evening to watch and discuss this very important film.

Visiting the Calais refugee camp is something that will never leave me. The refugees were desperate and living in absolutely appalling, dehumanising conditions. There were thousands of people, including babies and very young children, living in freezing conditions with no education, limited food and healthcare.

There were remarkable efforts from volunteers and agencies responding to the crisis, but it is quite clear that much more needed to be done.

The bulldozing of the Calais camp didn’t solve the problem of migrants on the move, all it did was displace already vulnerable refugee children.

The government’s response has been disgraceful, and the cruel and shocking truth is that they have failed to meet their obligations to child refugees under the Dubs scheme, and left children at risk of child traffickers and sexual exploitation. This government continues to fall short of compassion.

As the Shadow Home Secretary, I have been able to change Labour party policy on immigration to one that is more compassionate and ensures we look at the reason’s refugee’s exist. But Labour are not in government yet, and politicians and MP’s alike must push for a solution to this problem.

We cannot continue to behave like, just because the refugees are not necessarily in our country as yet, that it is not or responsibility. The world refugee crisis is not a crisis of the refugees making, it is a failure of western governments to meet their moral and legal duties to some of the most vulnerable people in the world, who are fleeing war and poverty for which in many situation we were not blameless.

Keep up the good work"
Diane Abbott,

Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Next Steps

Whilst becoming better informed is the first step, the next is putting this energy into positive action. We can do this in a number of ways, below are a few helpful links.

1, Donate - If you didn't have chance on the night you can still donate to Calais Children. Also check out the Pop-up CHOOSE LOVE store in Soho until January 2019.
2, Volunteer - If you would like to help in Europe or in the UK then check here for more info on how. If you have a special skill that you would like to share then check out Human Kind Hub to connect with refugee groups who are looking for your help.
3, Fundraise - organise a similar event to us here; why not run the Hackney Marathon in 2019; add a donate button to your post to raise money for refugees, and Facebook will take care of the donation processing with no fees.
4, Be a Storyteller - by keeping these story's alive and in the media spot light via blogging, sharing, speaking, writing, performing.
5, EAT! - Enjoy Xmas with friends at Imad's Syrian Kitchen Supper Club
6, Get Kinsu insurance - For every policy purchased through Kinsu, they will donate to HumanKind.
7, Go to a gig - Love Music Hate Racism

Other ways you can help.

p.s. thanks to everyone who kindly donated their winter clothes on the night.

CHOOSE LOVE - Pop-up store
Come in and shop as much as you want, but not take a single thing with you. #ChooseLove!

When: 10:00 am -19:00 pm, (thurs - 20:00) 7 days a week until Jan, 2018
Where: 30 Foubert's Place, Soho
Price: Donations 'shop' in store or online, more info

(Guess the weight of this life boat for £2 could win you this Banksy original one of a kind peice of art!)

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