Unfortunately our events in June and September have been cancelled, but we’ve been working on a lockdown project to refurbish 4 laptops for use by students who need them for online studying.

The laptops are between 5 and 13 years old and have been retired from use for 2-7 years. They are classic examples of “stored WEEE” that would probably eventually end up being “recycled”.

We have purchased and fitted several parts including chargers, batteries, memory, hard drives, and installed new operating systems.   The total cost averaged about £30 for each machine, which is a lot cheaper than new.

We understand there is a huge unmet need for laptops for school and college students.  Many are having to share with other family members or struggling to work on phones or tablets. 

Even in September when schools and colleges return a lot of students will be involved in “mixed mode” learning.  The government scheme to provide laptops doesn’t meet all the need.  Mayor of Hackney urges government to widen eligibility criteria.

If you have a laptop you are not using, even if it is a bit old or needs some TLC, then please get in touch on info@hackneyfixers.org.uk We will try to get it back in use by a local student and help bridge the digital divide!

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