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Sign Divest Hackney’s petition and join Fossil Free London on Sat 28 April

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has taken the next step towards divesting the London Pension Fund from fossil fuels, and he’s called on other London Boroughs to do the same. This is good news, but there’s still lots to do to get the commitments we need and to build the fairer, cleaner Hackney and London we want to see.

A few things you can do to get involved - no contribution is too small ...


Sign the petition to Divest…


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Manifesto for Affordable Workspace

Members of the East End Trades Guild will meet the Hackney and Tower Hamlets mayors on Tuesday 13 March and ask them to commit to their agenda for affordable workspace and a London Living Rent.

The manifesto calls on councils across the capital to:

  • Recognise Community Value of small and micro business to boroughs’…

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A busy time at Sustainability Awareness day

On Saturday 30th September, at the Sustainability Awareness Day in the Town Hall Square we welcomed members of the public to two stalls, one for Hackney Energy and the other for Sustainable Hackney.
A steady stream…

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Education for Sustainability comes into focus

Sustainable Hackney has decided on an additional work stream.  We hope to work with interested parties and organisations wanting to support and encourage educational establishments in Hackney to put sustainability at the heart of what they do and towards Hackney schools adopting the Sustainable Schools Framework.…


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More on the government's "woefully inadequate" air quality plans

Almost a million more people will have died prematurely along with countless others who will suffer ill-health by the time the Government's key measure in their new air quality plans comes into operation: the ban on all new petrol and diesel by 2040 and a commitment that "almost" every car and van on the road to be a zero emission vehicle by 2050. 

Before the end of July, the Government was forced to publish the …


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Resist Lea Valley Park land sell-off

We're very concerned about a threat to sell park land near the north edge of Hackney Marsh to build housing. Please, if you can, get a short email off to Waltham Forest council by the end of Tuesday 31st Jan.

All that's needed:

* address:

* title: Lea Bridge Eastside Vision Consultation

* Ask the council to remove the…


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"A city for all Londoners" - Mayor Khan, open up the debate!

Sustainable Hackney has responded to Mayor Sadiq Khan's 'extended manifesto', A City for all Londoners.  It outlines the direction for his review of the London Plan and his other strategies.  It is rich in ambition, but we have called for a rethink as the main concepts of "accommodating growth", "World City" and "good growth underpinning the document are…

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China: Between Clouds And Dreams, Channel 4

A plug for 'China: Between Clouds And Dreams', 7pm, Nov 5th Channel 4.

Catch up if you missed Episode 1, A letter from Russia. This is both a beautiful and moving examination of the responses of children in China to the impacts of pollution and climate change from industrialisation. Starting with school pupils who receive a letter from their Russian counterparts urging them to look after endangered spoon-billed sandpipers migrating to China's coastal flats and…


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Over 80% of construction sites 'never inspected for health and safety'

Over 80% of construction sites 'never inspected for health and safety'


Government cuts to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have hobbled its ability to enforce regulations that save workers' lives, and…


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Where did Boris spend the regeneration money and on what 2008-2016? What next?

A useful report from Regeneris: Capital Spread: Mapping the GLA's regeneration spend 2008-2016. 

£142m was allocated through four major regeneration grant funds:  the Outer London Fund (OLF), the Mayor's Regeneration Fund (MRF), the High Streets Fund (HSF) and the London Regeneration Fund (LRF). 

Haringey and Croydon…


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Demand a community-led London Plan

Change in London has been overwhelmingly led by developers supported by politicans.  So much so that Londoners no longer feel our city is our own nor our home. Many can simply no longer afford to be here, threatening our families, communities and services.  Now that we have a new Mayor we need to get the message across that that needs to change and we as citizens need to be in the driving seat.  Just Space have produced a newspaper calling for ongoing effective community participation in the…


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Don't forget to vote 5th May: who's the greenest candidate?

Don't forget to vote for your choice of London Mayor and GLA representatives on 5th May!

You've got three votes:

  • One for your first and second choice of mayor
  • Another for an assembly member to represent your local constituency (North-East London)
  • A third to choose one of the 11 assembly members who represent the whole city

There's an interesting analysis of the green policies of the main mayoral candidates from Friends of…


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A good city has industry

In "A good city has industry" Mark Brearley looks at how London is "eating itself" consuming the buildings,…


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Renters Rights

Renters Rights London does what it says on the tin.  There's good information on your rights and how to go about getting them, particulars on renting in each London borough and how you can organise for better controls over the…


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The corporate vultures are circling in the skies overhead. Notes on the defence the East End’s Higher Education legacy.

A much admired centre of Higher Education in the East End could be the latest victim of spiralling real estate values, corporate asset stripping and a management enraptured by the neo-liberal fad for austerity. The Vice Chancellor of London Metropolitan University is embarking  on a scheme, opposed by most students, staff, alumni and also the Mayor of Tower Hamlets as an unnecessary and reckless plan, which will downsize the university through his ‘One Campus, One  Community’…


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Bishopsgate Goods Yard development

29/02/2016 Sustainable Hackney called on the Mayor of London to reject the Bishopsgate Goodsyard planning application and submitted the following comments:


This locality became desirable because centrally located yet financially accessible premises were available to creative and technically skilled Londoners allowing…


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Housing alone is not enough!

Housing alone is not enough!  We must protect space for infrastructure and land designated for employment.  Here's a really useful brief on the Thames wharves from Roy Tindle and Roger Manser of the Just Space economy group:

Roy writes: John Gummer prepared the legislative base for safeguarding Thames wharfs: this provided that the listed wharfs could not be released for development without Secretary of State approval. The Chancellor, earlier this year, devolved that responsibility to…


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