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Female Hairy Footed Flower bee - flying now(March)
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Biodiversity and Green Spaces

01/02/16 Rare Cobalt blue fungus found at Abney.

09/01/16 London Naturalist article on Abney's rare bumblebee mimic.

08/01/16 Lsiten to the Trees - Act Now on Climate Change

10/12/15 Next Hackney Biodiversity Partnership meeting will be on Thurs 27 Feb 2016.

12/10/15 Next Hackney Biodiversity Partnership will focus on water issues in Hackney. Date and details: 19 November 2015 Meeting

05/09/15 Hackney Biodiversity Partnership - minutes of Aug 2015 meeting - 19 November 2015 Meeting

21/07/15 Purple Emporer butterfly seen at Abney Park nature reserve. First recorded sighting of this species at Abney. White-Letter haristreakPurple hairstreak and Silver-Washed frittilery also seen.

16/05/15 Species lists for Hackney bees, Abney invertebratesAbney flora and Abney fungi.

14/03/15 The bees knees of trees for bees

06/03/15 Spring Bees and Orchards in Hackney

12/2/15 Hackney Biodiversity Partnership meeting.

4/11/14 DEFRA publishes The National Pollinator Strategy: for bees and other pollinators in England, a 10 year plan to 'help pollinating insects survive and thrive'.

22/10/14 Grow Wild is awarding funding of £1,000 to £4,000 to community groups that want to bring people together to transform a communal space by sowing and growing UK native plants. Deadline is 2 December 2014

20/09/14 The Wildlife trust has been given £1.5 million to create Woodberry Wetlands at Stoke Newington East Reservoir

10/08/14 Tigers seen in Hackney! Big orange dayflying moths.

07/14 Friends of the Earth have published a guide on how local authorities can help save bees

17/05/14 Katherine Hamnett calls emergency Roundup meeting in Hackney

06/03/14 Friends of the Earth urges everyone to comment on the UK's draft Bee Action Plan, and to make it stronger

13/01/14 Rare beetle discovered in Stoke Newington.

24/07/13 Healthy trees, healthy places report published. This spells out how investing in a vibrant and thriving natural environment is critical to key services, and a powerful tool in regenerating and reinvigorating the local economy. It also highlights the importance of trees in improving urban air quality.

02/07/13 Sign the petition against Sainsbury's.

13/06/13 Object on line now to new Sainsbury's Wilmer Place planning application.

11/06/13 Endangered bumble bee mimic discovered at Abney.

06/06/13 Hackney Homes is looking for help from residents to enhance biodiversity. And Sustainable Hackney are looking for estates looking to reduce the use of pesticides. Click here for details

05/04/13 Planning Committee reject Wilmer Pace Sainsbury's and Save Abney's Woodland Edge.

14/03/13 ACT NOW TO PROTECT ABNEY FROM SAINSBURYS. The Wilmer Place planning application has been revised and re-subitted. Object on line NOW.

Major events on the Marshes? 07/03/13 HMUG+SH Letter to Gazette Major events.pdf + 07/03/13 Gazette article on Marshes major events

7/1/13 Next Hackney Biodiversity Partnership meeting 21st January 2013.

26/11/12 Biodiversity Report for SH Steering Group meeting on 28.11.12.

22/11/12 The Wilmer Place planning application remains live. Determination has been delayed by our pressure for more wildlife surveys.

30/10/12 Hedgehog seen on Stoke Newington Common.

10/10/12 Rare Whitebeam found in Springfield Park is Sorbus mougeotii not S. anglica.

21/09/12 Another rare moth discovered at Abney.

10/09/12 Detailed ecological objections to Wilmer Place development (more concise objections; fungi & birds).

07/09/12 Guided Walk through Abney Park Nature Reserve - Wilmer Place Park v Sainsbury's Towerblock

22/08/12 Abney Park Nature Reserve Threatened by WIlmer Place Sainsbury's tower block.

29/06/12 Take part in the RSPB Cockney Sparrow count until 12th July

13.3.12 Rare Girdled Mining Bees at Abney

The importance of recording data on London's flora and fauna

19/03/12 Hackney Biodiversity Partnership Meeting

15/03/12 Hackney adopts Biodiversity Action Plan

06/03/12 Springfield Park Cherry Destroyed

20/02/12 Hackney Biodiversity Partnership Bi-Monthly Meeting

20/02/12 Hackney Biodiversity Partnership Bee Workshop 

24/10/11 Hackney Biodiversity Action Plan consultation closes today!





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