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MAY 2014 Hackney Tree People win RE:LEAF Awards from Mayor of London and Forestry Commission.


Rare whitebeam discovered in Sprigfield Park - September 2012

Sorbus mougeotii is a cultivated tree that is very similar to English Whitebeam Sorbus anglica (a very rare tree of limestone hills in south west England and Wales.  Less then 1000 trees exist in the wild).  This tree, Sorbus mougeotii, was planted in Sprigfield Park circa 1980.  It has suffered historic vandalism/dog damage and is now a multi-stemmed coppice.  It is also similar to the more commonly seen Swedish whitebeam Sorbus intermedia but is distinguished by its fruits and leaves.

Thanks to Brian Wurzell for correcting the identification from S. anglica to Sorbus mougeotii

Change of venue, 17th June 2012

We shall be meeting on Hackney Downs, not in Springfield Park.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


New programme of events for May – June 2012

See details by clicking the Programme tab

Park Manager Fells Trees at Whim - March 2012

The much valued and celebrated leaning cherry in Springfield Park has been destroyed. The healthy cherry tree (above: rear- leaning) has charmed and inspired local people for years.  Now its a stump (below).  The tree was even the subject of it own blog 'The Lateral Tree'. A local man has been following the life of the tree for over a year and documented it on-line. 

We cannot let this piece of tree vandalism go unnoticed.  Please write to the Mayor or your local councillor to complain (


Tree Musketeers' calendar for  2012  Posted 31st October 2012.

Pages for the 2012 Calendar to use with last year's photos are available to download. Print with Page Scaling set to "None" and with Orientation set to "Landscape".  These pages will fit over the 2011 calendar pages after trimming the top edge (a trimming guide is included).


Eco-friendly hostel in Pembrokeshire with tree-loving proprietors

(Posted 13th August 2009)
Are you wondering where to spend a holiday? Why not make the acquaintance of Sue and Chris, who run an eco-friendly hostel (ex-YHA) near the coastal path in west Pembrokeshire and stay in their excellent and inexpensive accomodation. TMs can recommend it wholeheartedly. The Old School Hostel is about 5 miles (8km) north-east of St. David's (Britain's smallest city). You can be assured of a warm welcome.

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