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A busy time at Sustainability Awareness day

On Saturday 30th September, at the Sustainability Awareness Day in the Town Hall Square we welcomed members of the public to two stalls, one for Hackney Energy and the other for Sustainable Hackney.
A steady stream…

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Volunteering Opportunities at Mobile Garden City - your local community garden

Hi Everyone, 

We are looking for volunteers to come and help out with a range of gardening activities and…


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Education for Sustainability comes into focus

Sustainable Hackney has decided on an additional work stream.  We hope to work with interested parties and organisations wanting to support and encourage educational establishments in Hackney to put sustainability at the heart of what they do and towards Hackney schools adopting the Sustainable Schools Framework.…


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Tree Planting and Care workshops

Last tree planting and care workshops! Sat 11, Wed 15 and Sat 25 March, 10 - 4pm  Lordship Recreation Ground. Pay what you can afford between £1 and £10. Meet at the Hub, off Higham rd N17 6NU  Led by Russell Miller, and fruit growing workshop (25 March) Marina O'Connell. Book online at From Small Acorns on…


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Late last year the RSPB published their State of Nature 2016 Report. It shows the UK's performance on biodiversity is abysmal.  It shows the Government is simply failing to protect our ecosystems and…

Late last year the RSPB published their State of Nature 2016 Report. It shows the UK's performance on biodiversity is abysmal.  It shows the Government is simply failing to protect our ecosystems and the…


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Resist Lea Valley Park land sell-off

We're very concerned about a threat to sell park land near the north edge of Hackney Marsh to build housing. Please, if you can, get a short email off to Waltham Forest council by the end of Tuesday 31st Jan.

All that's needed:

* address:

* title: Lea Bridge Eastside Vision Consultation

* Ask the council to remove the…


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"A city for all Londoners" - Mayor Khan, open up the debate!

Sustainable Hackney has responded to Mayor Sadiq Khan's 'extended manifesto', A City for all Londoners.  It outlines the direction for his review of the London Plan and his other strategies.  It is rich in ambition, but we have called for a rethink as the main concepts of "accommodating growth", "World City" and "good growth underpinning the document are…

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So who is Jon Burke, the new Cabinet Member for Energy, sustainability and community services?

Following his election in September, Hackney's new mayor Philip Glanville appointed Councillor Jon Burke to coordinate the council's work on energy, sustainability and community services. His brief ranges from environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and climate change to community energy, fair trade and volunteering.  We're clear that we want to engage well with the council. And the …

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Video of the Marxism and Nature conference

Video of the Marxism and Nature conference

Marxism has for too long been characterised as having a singular preoccupation with the exploitation of labour and the class struggle. However, the works of Marx and Engels always…


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Pears and toads


Went to the Growing Kitchen garden yesterday to check whether the pears were ripe. Tasted a couple - so good! Then realised the grass was moving around my feet and saw baby toads moving away from where I'd disturbed them. Carefully retraced my steps and on closer inspection realised they were in different…


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Carder bee nest in orchard

Whilst mowing the Wenlock Orchard last week, we realised we had mown over the top of our first carder bee nest :-( We put some more dried grass cuttings around and went to check on it yesterday. They have recovered well and were flying in and out happily. What a relief?! 

We've left some areas with long grass still and the wild rocket continues to flower, covered with hoverflies and bees. Lovely to see. 

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Where did Boris spend the regeneration money and on what 2008-2016? What next?

A useful report from Regeneris: Capital Spread: Mapping the GLA's regeneration spend 2008-2016. 

£142m was allocated through four major regeneration grant funds:  the Outer London Fund (OLF), the Mayor's Regeneration Fund (MRF), the High Streets Fund (HSF) and the London Regeneration Fund (LRF). 

Haringey and Croydon…


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Amber Nectar - Oak Bracket Returns to Clissold after 8 year Absence

It was wonderful to find my old friend Inonotus dryadeus (also known as Oak Bracket) back in Clissold on Monday. Calling a bracket fungus a friend may seem a bit weird but having not seen this amber beauty for 8 years it was joyous to rediscover it on the same veteran plum tree where it…


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Wild Bee Walk and West Hackney Rec

I Tweeted (@treeruss) the above photo to advertise yesterday's bee walk and it happens to feature the first bee we saw.  This is a male Hairy Yellow-Face bee Hylaeus hylinatus. It's tiny, less than 6mm! Yesterday's male was a bit dozy, presumably due to the cold weather. It…


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If you know what you are looking for it's not that hard to demonstrate the vital importance of deadwood in parks.

10 minutes at a horse chestnut stump in CLissold Park this afternoon revealled 2 new nationally scarce species for the park:

  • a fungus beetle called Hallomenus binotatus Nationally Scarce…

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You wait 183 years for a new wetland and then two come along together!

This weekend saw the opening of the first publicly accessible wetland in Hackney at Woodberry Wetlands, and it was tremendously popular when I went along on Sunday.  Closed to the public since it was built to store water brought along the New River from Hertfordshire it was officially opened by Sir Richard Attenborough on 30th April.…


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Hackney Bees - another new species

Found Buffish Mining bee Andrena nigroaeanea on Hackney Downs last week. That's another new species for Hackney.

That brings the total to 50 confirmed species in Hackney so far; 2 new species in a week! That's getting on for 20% of all UK species. See…


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Some bees don't look like bees - New bee photos

This is a photo of the Furry-clasped Furrow bee (Lasioglossum lativentre) I discovered at Abney Park recently. This is a female. The tiny bees nest in the ground but little is known about them.

The species is fairly uncommon but not rare or scarce. It has never been recorded in…


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3 New bee species at Abney

Realising Good Friday was to be the pick of the Easter weekend weather I set out in determined fashion to see if I could find any new species of bees at Abney. After about four hours I had seen: Buff-tailed bumblebee queens, honey bees and lots of Hairy Footed Flower bees (mostly males but a few females had begun flying). There were also quite a few butterflies on the wing. I counted 4…


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Cobalt Crust fungus, winter blues never looked so good

Stunning Cobalt Crust fungus at Abney Park nature reserve. Previously seen in Wick…


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