Every day, a dangerous and even deadly threat faces millions of children across the UK: toxic air.

That's one in three children living, learning and playing amidst toxic air; 4.5 million children at risk of stunted lung growth, reduced brain development and lifelong conditions like asthma; £40 million a year spent by the NHS and social services on related illnesses.

The devastating impact on children's health must not be ignored.


It is time for the UK government to take urgent action. By funding measures that protect children from toxic air they can stop irreversible damage to children's health and futures.

Every child has the right to health, to thrive and survive in a clean and safe environment. Together we can ensure no child is forced to breathe toxic air.

By adding your name today you can urge the UK Government to put children's health at the heart of its work on air pollution. Join us and fight to make every child's breath a safer one to take.


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