How would you build back better in Hackney?

Globally the United Nations is calling on governments to seize the opportunity to “build back better” by creating more sustainable, resilient and inclusive societies.

Here in Hackney we've been musing on the lessons we've learned from the pandemic. 

And as a result we've joined the Build Back Better  campaign to:

  • Secure the health and needs of everyone in the UK now and into the future
  • Protect and invest in our public services
  • Rebuild society with a transformative Green New Deal
  • Invest in people 
  • Build solidarity and community across borders

How could we Build Back Better in Hackney?

We have started to collect ideas including how to deliver a green recovery in our city regions,  enhancing wildlfe and nature, keeping our skies cleareraddressing the divides in our economy, improving our food system and re-imagining public space, roads and how we all move around.

We are starting to collect local ideas such as Hackney Cycling Campaign's ideas and Josh Loeb's article on rewilding Hackney.

Please add your ideas / links / thoughts on how we can Build Back Better in Hackney as comments on this blog.

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