After the 4-week closure of parts of Hackney Marshes for the Hackney Weekend, we'd like to get the experiences & views of anyone who uses the Marshes.

Hackney Council envisages up to three events attracting 100,000 people on the marsh every year, under its new events policy (April 2012). When the next event is proposed we would like to be ready with the evidence from this one.

Did the closures and the Weekend affect you? Please let us know, with a comment here or at

Tim, for HMUG

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Comment by James Diamond on August 17, 2012 at 12:50

Near Daubeney Bridge heavy vehicles used to construct the venue passed between and very close to some memorial trees.  Thankfully the trees seem to be undamaged, but perhaps this area should not be used for access by machinery in future?

Comment by Tim Evans on July 11, 2012 at 12:16


The red barrels strung across the canal to block boats are causing a huge back-up of weed and debris.

Thanks Liz. The barrels will be there for the whole O/Para/lympics, I suppose - not specific to Hackney Weekend.  I'd not be surprised to find that the cleaning of the Cut is stepped up for the O/PLs, as with local streets such as Chatsworth Road

Did the closures shut you out of places you would normally go? Common sense would suggest that lots of local people lost their rambles/runs/cycling/birdwatching/dogwalks, but we need the explicit evidence.

Comment by Liz Henton on July 11, 2012 at 9:08

The red barrels strung across the canal to block boats are causing a huge back-up of weed and debris. How was it for me? - unpleasant viewing. How was it for the canal? - highly damaging to wild-life.

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