Cow Bridge was due to be open and finished a year ago

Compacted mud where there used to be grass

If you feel the council should
finish this project properly,
support sustainable transport, and respect local people's environment, you could contact some councillors:
  • Barry Buitekant, Katie Hanson,
    Vincent Stops -
    Planning sub-committee

Councillors' emails are always,uk

Improvised gate closure, blocking cycle access

Old gatepost left lying around

New cobbles under pedestrian span, smoothly grouted for safe cycling ...

... leaving hazardous ungrouted cobbles under the road span

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Comment by Hackney Marshes Users Group on November 27, 2012 at 18:05

A reply from the LBH project officer:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Cow Bridge works snagging
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012

1. It was originally intended that we would seed a wildflower mix in
this area but, due to the project delays we experienced it was not
suitable to do this by the time the project was completed and therefore
seeding was omitted from the contract. However, the Little Green Roof
Company who maintain spaces around Clapton Estate are committed to
seeding in this area and the planting of a number of small shrubs/bushes
and 'high pollen/nectar flora' in the space. This is contingent on us
adding a knee rail around the area to prevent people from trampling
anything that is planted. We are currently awaiting quotes on this work
and will be undertaking it in the near future. I can supply dates for
this work as soon as I have them.

2. The traffic barrier locking post was vandalised some weeks ago and
has meant that the barrier will no longer work in its current
configuration. Instead of simply repairing the barrier we have concerns
that the fundamental design is flawed. Therefore, our intention is to
remove the barrier entirely and to provide two removal bollards in its
place. These bollards will actually provide greatly improved
accessibility for bicycles who will be able to move between them. My
apologies for the temporary inconvenience provided by the current
chained locking system. This is, however, necessary to maintain security
on the Marsh. We have received quotes for this work but I am awaiting a
firm date for completion. I will forward this on to you as soon as I
have it.

NB: There are a number of pieces of work happening at the bridge to
finish off items and I am trying to co-ordinate them to happen in a
similar timeframe and minimise cost/inconvenience.

3. Do you refer to the locking post for the barrier that is now loose?
If so, the intention is to remove this with the rest of the gate when
the work to install bollards is carried out. Just for your information,
the gate and locking post will be stored at the depot for future use at
another site. If you are particularly concerned about its presence in
the interim then I will ask Paul if he can arrange for the rangers to
move it.

4. The new setts were installed by Birse as part of the Cow Bridge
works. I will need to visit the site again later this week to see the
extent of the problem with the older setts. Maintenance of the towpath
is a BW issue, but we will see what can be done to improve the situation
for cycle safety.

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