BBC Invents 3 Different Reasons to Justify Anti-Corbyn Bias

Those who read my blog at the time will be familiar with the fact that back in October BBC Newsnight ran an astonishingly biased piece about the Tory government's U-turn on contracting to help the Saudi dictatorship run its prisons. [I know the BBC is routinely right-wing and anti- Corbyn but this really took the biscuit.]

For those with the patience here is my appeal to the BBC Trust to uphold my complaint and dismiss the 3 crap reasons given so far to cover-up the censorship.

My point in a nutshell:

if when reporting on a change in govt policy - about which the leader of the opposition had specifically campaigned, having highlighted it in his recent inaugural party conference speech - you inaccurately attribute sole agency and credit to the govt, and fail to mention even the existence of an opposition, then that is not just bad, biased reporting; that is propaganda.

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