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Nature on Hackney Marshes

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Pipistrelle © A. Fure

Survey (pdf) Author Date
Habitats of Hackney Marshes Map Annie Chipchase Nov 2006
Hackney Marshes Wildlife Survey & Management Plan 2004

M. W. Hanson


Bat Walk Alison Fure et al Jun 2006
Bat Boat Survey Alison Fure et al Oct 2006
Bat Survey Map Alison Fure 2006
Birds of Hackney Marshes Gary James Jan 08
Wick Field Bird Reports David Harrison 2004-2007
Bird Records Gary James et al 2008
Invertebrates of Hackney Marshes Neil Anderson Nov 2007
Invertebrate Surveys of River Lee Environment Agency 1996-2007
Invertebrates of Wick Woodland Neil Anderson 2009
Invertebrate Walk on Hackney Marshes Neil Anderson Aug 2008
Invertebrate Walk on Hackney Marshes Neil Anderson May 2008
Spider Foray Middlesex Filter Beds J Edward Milner July 2008
Trees in front of Hackney Marshes Depot HMUG 2006
Fish Survey Gary James 2008

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Comment by Tim Evans on June 4, 2013 at 9:21

Bream spotted 6 May by Nick Atkins, Ruckholt Rd and Friends bridges, and Middlesex Filter Beds.

Comment by Tim Evans on June 4, 2013 at 9:19

Little egret on the old Lea by the overflow outlet, 26 May (2013). Anyone seen one earlier this year? It then walked some distance inside the culvert so that it was barely visible.

Pair of Egyptian geese, same place, round about 20 May.

Comment by annie Chipchase on March 12, 2013 at 17:52

Saw a stoat or weasel running from the tree nursery towards the car park this morning made my day. Not seen one of them around here before!

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