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The marshes - good for sports and wildlife, but not for cars. Join our mailing list for updates.

Hackney Council wants to change the agreed parking regime for the new sports pavilion on north Hackney Marsh, increasing parking spaces by 25%. More details on our Issues pages.

Meanwhile, we're working with the council to turn the East Marsh car park, rejected by a common land inspector last year, into mosaic ('brownfield') habitat. This is both the cheapest option (the council didn't budget for removing the car park) and the best for biodioversity.

East Marsh now: the hard surfacing of the land bridge and the car park 

Hackney Marshes User Group (HMUG) are volunteers who:

  • Organise walks round the Marshes, and explore and enhance their wildlife through planting and caring for trees and hedges.
  • Work to improve the Marshes for all sectors of the community, and campaign to protect them from inappropriate development.
  • Organise free activities and skill-sharing days, and run Hackney Community Tree Nursery and Forest Garden.

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2012 Olympics, their legacy and Hackney Marsh

Leaflets - maps, walks & history



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