About us

Sustainable Hackney aims to protect and enhance the environment, create a sustainable community and contribute to social, economic and environmental justice locally and globally.

Our objectives:
  • To bring together, support and co-ordinate the activities of people and organisations in the London Borough of Hackney to create positive solutions.
  • To promote increased awareness and develop understanding of environmental issues and the work of environmental organisations.
  • To influence policy and represent views to the local authority and other organisations and to increase co-operation between such organisations and local environmental groups.
  • To undertake projects and/or to support and complement the work of others in support of the aim and objects.
  • To develop the diversity of our organisation.

We held our second AGM on 2nd May 2013 which elected the Steering Group

Mohan de Benoit
Anthony Bunbury
Michael Calderbank
James Diamond
Kathryn Johnson
Mustafa Korel
Russell Miller
Liz Moxon
Philip Pearson
Katherine Pitt
Peter Snell

Our constitution, policies and reports

Annual Report 2012
AGM  2012

Privacy Policy
Equal Opportunities policy

AGM 2013

Health and Safety Policy
Safeguarding Policy

AGM 2014




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