Newmark has re-submitted same application to be heard by LBH November 6th in order to circumvent the arguments of our Judicial Review; SLocal is therefore calling for ‘calling in’ of application on grounds that LBH not qualified to judge it because of complex issues. Decision would then have to be made by a Planning Inspector rather than by councillors. ‘ Calling in’ is decided by Eric Pickles as Secretary of State for Communities and is the person we need to lobby now. 


  •  write to Eric Pickles via the National Planning Casework Unit at:  asking him to call in planning application 2013/3186 and 2013/3187 on the grounds that there are  complex issues involved (especially on ecological grounds) which need the input of a Planning Inspector. Point out application for SSSI status, lack of proper environmental impact assessment and huge local opposition.  Further actions for a call-in, see: click here for details of call-in procedure; these include writing to MP’s so it’s worth writing to Diane Abbott on this issue asking for her support.
  • object to new planning applications (numbers above) via LBH Planning portal citing same reasons as before. cliick here to comment on planning applications
  • say yes to new Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Opinion also on LBH website; enter the following and then: 2013/3204 to add here to support EIA screening

Natural England is responding positively to the application to become an SSSI. Early days yet but a good start made. 

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