We are very happy to join the Sustainable Hackney Community!

We are the first Peer-to-Peer and designers fashion rental marketplace.

You know that women have a wardrobe full of clothes but always nothing to wear: indeed, they don't wear 70% of their clothes. Textile overconsumption has a massive impact on the Environment: each year, 350,000 clothes end up in the landfill.

Our goal: to be the Pioneer of Sustainable Fashion through Collaborative Consumption.
We allow women to rent clothes to one another and rent designers creations for a fraction of the price. We also allow fashion designers to rent out their creations.
We have been running fashion rental events in London and Paris and have now just launched our beta platform to turn clothing rental as a new frequent alternative to buy.
Here is the link to request an invitehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pva6IPKicM: http://beta.rentez-vous.com/
We would love to see you and your wardrobe online!
Don't hesitate to contact us for any question or to meet: we are neighbours! ;)
The Rentez-Vous Team

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