Thermal imaging camera launched at Dalston Library of Things

You spoke, we listened! Due to a number of requests from Dalston locals, we recently launched a thermal imaging camera at the Dalston kiosk. With rising energy bills, we’re all looking for ways to keep costs down, and understanding where your house is losing heat is the first step to a warmer home and lower bills. However, thermal imaging cameras don't come cheap. They can cost up to £400 to buy new, which is a hell of a lot to spend on something you might only need to use once or twice.

That's where Library of Things comes in! The Thermal Imaging Camera is now available for £10 per day (£7.50 concession rate) from Dalston Library of Things.  We hope it will help you spot areas where you’re losing heat so you can block drafts, make repairs, or improve insulation. The news was even picked up by the budgeting pros at Money Saving Expert.

We’re trying to make it more affordable for communities to do the home repair and maintenance jobs they need to do. Most of our DIY tools are available for £10 or under and we offer a 25% concession rate for anyone who would find it helpful to save a little extra right now.

Here are 5 Things you can hire from Dalston or Hackney Wick Library of Things to help you get ready for the festive season


1. Get crafty this Christmas by having a go at making your own stockings, Christmas decorations or gifts with the help of the Sewing Machine.


2. Thinking about the pre or post-Christmas clean up? Restore order and peace of mind with the Carpet Cleaner or see what else is in our cleaning collection here.


3. Whether it's Christmas dinner or New Year's nibbles, festive feasting often means you end up running out of bowls, plates and cups. If you’re staring into empty cupboards after course one, reserve the reusable Party Kit. It comes with plates, bowls, cups and cutlery sets as well as serving platters, jugs and even a tablecloth and bunting. 


4. So many Christmas movies, so little time! Whether it's Home Alone or The Grinch, there's no better way than to watch it on the big screen… the Projector can help with that! 


5. Re-create a Christmas gone-by by going up against your siblings on Mario Kart, or on a solo mission as 007 with the Nintendo 64

Check out our 12 days of Christmas advent calendar for more inspiration on festive borrowing.

Click here to join Library of Things for just £1.

Members can book out Thelma the Thermal Imaging Camera here.

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