Social Enterprise Manifesto for Hackney

Mayor Philip Glanville invited representatives of Hackney's social enterprise sector to the Town Hall in February to present the results of a consultation with more than 250 SEs to create a Social Enterprise Manifesto for Hackney. 

The manifesto is full of ideas on how Hackney Council can support recognition and development of the sector.  It highlight three strategic aims for the sector locally: promoting awareness & understanding of social enterprise, building capacity and reach and providing resources and support.  

Senior officers  from the Council will work collaboratively as part of Hackney​’​s Social  Enterprise Partnership, run a series of workshops and use the ideas generated from the  consultation to create a plan of work that the Council and social enterprise  sector can co-publish later this year. 

“I’m very pleased to see the results of this manifesto consultation with the social enterprise sector  and the significant steps taken to get here today. In light of recent budget announcements, it is  more important than ever that every penny spent by the council achieves maximum social value for  residents. By supporting the growth of this sector we hope to use more of their passion,  innovation, and expertise, to see more jobs for local people and the development of a more caring  society. Through our role in Hackney’s Social Enterprise Partnership, Hackney Council commits to  work with the sector to ensure the best of social enterprise thinking is embedded throughout  council policy and the everyday life of the borough.” said Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney.  Read more here

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