My personal lockdown discoveries and hopes

I learned many things during the lockdown. I was shielding, but fortunate enough to already belong to an organic veg box scheme. Amazingly, they managed to keep up deliveries, although the content became quite random – so I discovered many new recipes, learning to cook things I don’t really like and so don’t usually buy, using spices to adjust the taste so I could use everything I was sent. A survey by WRAP found that, since lockdown, people generally have been valuing food more, making meals from random ingredients and avoiding waste. I hope that continues.

I also learned just how much can be achieved when communities come together - the teams of volunteers helping look after the housebound, groups making scrubs for health workers – and hope that continues too. That kind of energy could make all the difference for fighting climate change.

I, along with so many others, treasured the resurgence of nature in our borough, the clean air that I could breathe in deeply without it hurting my lungs, the clear skies and the sounds of birdsong instead of just traffic, helicopters and sirens. I’ve been sad to see that some, now they are allowed out to meet in groups, are failing to appreciate our lovely parks and green spaces and have been leaving litter and fire behind them, and that the sirens and helicopters have had to come back. I hope this changes.

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